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Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) 2019

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) 2019
Standout Vendors in an Early Market

Authored by: Joe VanDeGraaff and Dan Czech October 1, 2019 | Read Time: 6  minutes

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As healthcare IT has become increasingly interconnected, securing medical devices—many of which were not purpose built for usage on a computer network—has become a top priority for healthcare security professionals. In response, a plethora of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) software has emerged, creating high purchase energy, especially among larger organizations. To better understand this market energy, KLAS spoke with 47 unique organizations that have recently selected an IoMT vendor to determine which vendors they considered and ultimately selected, what factors contributed to their decision, and how they engaged with third-party services firms. Future KLAS research will delve further into how these IoMT vendors actually perform.

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Key Findings

  1. Zingbox Drives Market Energy; Some Potential Buyers Put Off by Issues with Sales Process
  2. Among Cross-Industry Vendors, Ordr’s Culture Resonates
  3. CyberMDX and Medigate Carve Out Considerations Due to Healthcare Focus
  4. Lack of Healthcare Reference Sites Keeps Some Organizations from Choosing Broad IoT Vendor Armis
  5. Considerations of New Vendors Asimily and Cynerio Accompanied by Company Maturity Questions
  6. Great Bay Software and Virta Labs Seen as Slow Movers in Fast-Paced Market
  7. IoMT Services Market Immature, Despite Flurry of Partnerships; Optiv Most Mentioned
  8. Top-Considered Vendors—At a Glance
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