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IV Compounding 2019

IV Compounding 2019
New Options Garner Consideration, But Traditional Solutions Still Outperform

Authored by: Paul Hess, Jackson Tate, and Paul Warburton March 21, 2019 | Read Time: 3  minutes

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While patient safety and regulatory compliance are the main purchasing drivers for IV workflow management solutions and IV robots, many organizations are also looking to consolidate their pharmacy systems. To this end, organizations are wondering whether the workflow management solutions from EMR vendor Epic and broader pharmacy vendors BD and Omnicell are performing on par with those of the strong traditional players Baxter and Grifols. IV robots continue to fall short of customers’ expectations, though vendor acquisitions and mergers have shifted the performance landscape. Against this market backdrop, this report examines vendor differentiation in the key areas of market energy, patient safety, product throughput, and functionality.

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Key Findings

  1. Gravimetric Functionality Increases Interest in BD but Poses Challenges
  2. Traditional Players Baxter and Grifols Drive Better Efficiency and ROI
  3. Epic Functionality Improving but Not There Yet
  4. Weaker Relationships Lead to ARxIUM Decline
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