An Active Year in the Global (Non-US) EMR Market - Cover

An Active Year in the Global (Non-US) EMR Market

In 2021, healthcare systems everywhere were still in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the many challenges that came with that, many regions had an active year for EMR purchases. KLAS recently published our annual Global (Non-US) EMR Market Share 2022 report, which shares a regional breakdown of the vendors who won validated contracts.

Varied Energy in Different Regions

Buying in the global EMR market is still a bit lower than it was before the pandemic. However, it is rebounding nicely in some places, like Europe, Canada, and Asia. It is also currently trending positively in the Middle East.

Latin America continues to be the region most negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in Spanish speaking countries. Latin America has seen a sharp decline of nearly 50% in purchasing decisions affecting EMRs. Purchasing energy in Brazil has been down, and outside of Brazil, there has been almost no purchasing to speak of.

While the number of total EMR decisions was lower in 2021, there were still some very large contracts that KLAS was able to track. So, while the total number of contracts may have been down, the number of hospitals impacted by EMR purchasing decisions was up from the year before. We also saw some larger total decisions being made in some countries.

Multiregional Successes

The three vendors who had the most contracted hospital wins in 2021 were Health Insights, Dedalus, and Cerner. The biggest individual contract was in Egypt. There, the Ministry of Higher Education signed a contract covering about 80 university hospitals. Health Insights was selected via Vodafone Egypt to deploy their solution in a private cloud environment.

Dedalus and Cerner also had a significant year in 2021. The most productive regions for Cerner included Canada and the UK. Dedalus, on the other hand, had a great year in Europe, with wins in Italy, France, and Germany.