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Announcing the 2023 KLAS Emerging Solutions Top 20

There is a vast sea out there of emerging healthcare IT solutions. For a long time, KLAS has gotten feedback from healthcare providers that they needed us to look more into validating the newer technologies available. So in 2019, KLAS began publishing Spotlight reports on emerging solutions to help providers stay informed about the latest solutions and validate customer experiences. Over the past four years, KLAS has released more than 200 Emerging Solution Spotlight and First Look reports.

In line with this effort, the recent Emerging Solutions Top 20 report goes beyond individual vendor Spotlight reports to offer providers an easy way to identify KLAS-validated solutions with the most potential to support the Quadruple Aim: improving outcomes, reducing costs, enhancing patient experiences, and improving clinician experiences. 

Updates for 2023

This year, the process was very similar to last year; providers reviewed the eligible reports and gave us their rankings and feedback based on the Quadruple Aim. However, we were able to have a lot more providers involved to broaden the provider perspective. In the end, close to 40 impressive healthcare leaders from all over the country participated. Getting more input from a bigger audience was extremely helpful.

As a result, there are some great solutions that are highlighted. SeamlessMD ranks in the top five in all four categories. Current Health and Clearstep both rank in the top five in an impressive three categories. Finally, TransformativeMed and Rhinogram achieved the top five in two categories. This shows that, based on the perception of the board reviewing these reports, some of these solutions could be really helpful in more than one way for provider and payer organizations. There are a lot of really good options out there that could help make a difference in the quality and cost of care and the provider experience.

How This Report Helps Vendors

The Emerging Solutions Top 20 report recognizes the efforts of vendors developing innovative products. While most emerging solutions are not eligible for our Best in KLAS awards due to their size or number of customers, this report provides these vendors with recognition and motivation to continue their solution's development and problem-solving efforts. 

Come talk to us at KLAS if you’ve created a product that should be covered in a Spotlight report. We truly want to rate as many solutions as possible so we can get that information in front of providers and payers. If you’re not quite ready for a Spotlight report, the Top 20 report can still be a valuable resource in another way. If you’re in the emerging phase of building out your business, this is a good report to help you keep tabs on what else is already out there and see what your competition might be. 

2023 Winners

Improving Outcomes

1. SeamlessMD: SeamlessMD's Digital Care Journey platform enables personalized, interactive patient education and remote monitoring across various healthcare journeys. Validated outcomes include reduced length of stay, ER visits, and readmissions. SeamlessMD has also received awards in all four Quadruple Aim categories. 

2. TransformativeMed: TransformativeMed’s Cores alleviates EHR frustrations for clinicians by integrating specialty-specific content and workflows into existing EHRs. This enhances clinical collaboration, provides real-time notifications, and allows clinicians to spend more time on direct patient care. 

3. Clearstep: Clearstep's Smart Care Routing offers AI assistants for self-triage and healthcare navigation. It automates symptom assessment, optimizes workflows, and addresses routine inquiries through call centers, websites, mobile apps, patient portals, and two-way SMS platforms. 

4. Current Health: Current Health's solution enables personalized and customizable home healthcare services for various clinical conditions and acuity levels. It includes monitoring and patient engagement experiences. 

5. Rhino Health: Rhino Health’s platform facilitates AI development by enabling data analysis without data possession. It utilizes edge computing and federated learning to unlock the value of data while protecting patient privacy.

Reduce Cost of Care

1. CodaMetrix: CodaMetrix's CMX is an AI platform that automates medical coding and improves healthcare revenue cycles. It reduces claims denials and decreases medical coding costs for hospitals. 

2. SeamlessMD 

3. Spendmend: Spendmend’s Trulla offers a pharmacy software solution with cost analytics, streamlined procurement operations, precise NDC selection, and potential yearly drug expense reduction. 

4. Current Health 

5. Rhinogram: Rhinogram's AI-powered communication and virtual care platform enhances patient engagement, streamlines workflows, and consolidates systems.

Improving Patient Experience

1. Clearstep 

2. Rhinogram 

3. SeamlessMD 

4. Current Health 

5. Steer Health: Steer Health offers an AI-driven growth and automation platform for hospitals and health systems. It streamlines patient acquisition and retention, leading to revenue growth and cost savings through automation.

Improving Clinician Experience

1. TransformativeMed

2. SeamlessMD 

3. Clearstep 

4. Intelligent Locations: Intelligent Locations offers a secure, AI-powered real-time location services (RTLS) cloud solution called INTRAX for tracking assets, patients, staff safety, operational efficiencies, and environmental conditions. 

5. SocialClimb: SocialClimb provides HIPAA-compliant marketing software that enhances provider organizations' online presence, physician accessibility, and ROI measurement.

Providers should read the report to identify technology solutions that align with their specific Quadruple Aim needs. 

What to Expect in the Report

The report includes the full list of all 26 solutions considered for the Top 20, all of which have the potential to make an impact. Additionally, the report features valuable commentary from the provider board who rated the finalists, highlighting important themes for healthcare stakeholders. 

Moving Forward

Emerging vendors interested in qualifying for future reports should connect with KLAS to get started on a Spotlight report. Spotlight reports not only offer the opportunity to qualify for the next Emerging Solutions Top 20 report but also provide a platform for vendors to showcase their products, methodologies, and validated customer experiences. 

Looking ahead, KLAS plans to publish more Spotlight reports and Top 20 reports to highlight new vendors making significant contributions to healthcare. For more information, interested parties can visit the KLAS website.

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