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Calling All Marathon Health and Everside Health Customers

The employer-sponsored healthcare services market is seeing big changes as M&A activity picks up. As mentioned in our recent Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Services 2024 report, KLAS is paying close attention to the progress of the merger between Marathon Health and Everside Health, announced in February 2024.

Points to Know

  • Marathon Health is one of the largest players and is a multi-year winner of Best in KLAS for employer-sponsored health services; their customers consistently rate their performance well. Everside Health is a fairly large service firm as well, but their overall performance score is not currently as high.

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  • KLAS data shows that after an M&A, many vendors are vulnerable; 36% of respondents see significant changes in satisfaction, for better or worse.

  • As KLAS continues to watch this merger, user feedback is crucial to learning what the current customer experience looks like for employers.

Reasons for the Merge

According to Marathon Health’s press release, the merger helps the combined companies to meet increasing employer demand for advanced primary care services. We see that the merger effectively expands Marathon’s customer base; they will now reach 2.5 million patients and over 630 US employer and union sponsored clients.

The companies also offer similar services. Everside Health’s press release states that the company will be delivering “advanced primary care, mental health, occupational health, musculoskeletal, and pharmacy services.”

Tracking Vendor Performance Through the Merger

Going through a merger or an acquisition can be tough on customers and change their experiences. This leaves vendors and firms vulnerable. For this reason, KLAS keeps tabs on how customers are feeling about their firm’s performance.

This is also not the first time Marathon Health has gone through an M&A. In 2021, they acquired Oracle Health’s employer-sponsored healthcare services That acquisition was announced in August of 2023. Since then, we’ve had early feedback on that being a smooth transition, but we have also heard that many other clients are seeing less communication.

Why Give Feedback

News of this merger is still fresh. To truly grasp what is going on, we need more feedback from current employers using the Marathon Health platform. Once we have that feedback, it is carefully anonymized and combined with other customers’ comments to make sure we get the full story.

For decades, KLAS has worked with vendors and services firms to make sure they hear their customers’ voices and can strategize on how to become better. We want to continue doing that in this space.

Perhaps more importantly for employers, when you participate in our research, you gain free access to KLAS’ insights on our website and to the reports your insights helped create. Holding your services firm accountable for their performance scores is a major benefit of participating in KLAS’ research.

If you’re experiencing this merger or you have feedback on a different employer-sponsored healthcare firm, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to to share your feedback.

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