EHR Usability Self-Assessment - Cover

EHR Usability Self-Assessment

KLAS has worked with over 140 organizations to help them measure the satisfaction of their EHR end-users. Recently, we created a self-assessment tool that allows providers to predict where their clinicians line up compared to Arch Collaborative members.

It’s been amazing over the past year to watch as organizations have collaborated with each other, sharing EHR insights and adopting best practices. I’m looking forward to 2019 as we really see the first large wave of organizations re-measuring their organizations.

This second wave of benchmarking will deepen our understanding of how organizations can move the needle on making their clinicians’ lives easier.

Because this survey will require KLAS to analyze and compare your responses to our current data set, it will take approximately a week to return results to you on this effort.

If you’re interested in taking this survey in regards to your organization, follow this link.