How Are Soccer and Global EHRs Alike? - Cover

How Are Soccer and Global EHRs Alike?

I have been a fan of American football most of my life. Up until a few months ago, I was quick to say that American football is “real football.” On a recent business trip to Manchester, England, I decided to go to a Manchester City soccer match, and I was completely blown away. The fans, the facilities, and of course the athleticism and game strategy were amazing to see in person. Even the weather cooperated. And yes, I hit up the team store afterward and made a considerable “donation.” 

Why the change of heart? What was the difference? There was something about being present and watching everything on and off the field that amped up the overall experience. It also helped that I took the time to learn the sport and understand its nuances.

I relate this to a paradigm shift I made while doing research for a recent report we published here at KLAS on global EMR market share. Our goal was to find out which vendors have the most acute care EMR installations and momentum outside of the United States. We validated thousands of vendor customer sites all around the world. Often, countries think that their own solutions are the best and that those solutions must be a good fit for every other country. But we learned that the vendors who are winning most of the new business internationally are the ones who are deeply engaged in learning how patient care is managed in each individual country. Then they figure out how their solution can be customized to fit those needs. They are “getting into the game” of the local healthcare system and changing their solutions in order to truly improve clinical outcomes.

Do I now love soccer as much as I love American football? Not yet. But I do have a much deeper appreciation for the most popular sport in the world, and I can’t wait to go to another match.

global EMR market share 2014: Vendor Momentum Outside the United States