How Sonography Is Speeding up Healthcare - Cover

How Sonography Is Speeding up Healthcare

In a world of ever-increasing demands and always diminishing time and resources, it is essential to increase efficiency in every way possible. This is especially true for hospitals and practitioners who already have precious little time with their patients.

This is why healthcare organizations are using more ultrasound technology that saves them time and money, according to the recent KLAS report, "Ultrasound 2014: Saving Time and Money with Workflow Automation.”

As one lead sonographer noted, “Every minute we save is a minute we can use for another patient.” But providers can only save this time with the right equipment, which is why KLAS interviewed 178 providers to learn which equipment is helping streamline their practices.

KLAS expected to learn great things, and boy did we! This report found that the top-performing vendor machines save an average of almost seven minutes per scan—a full two minutes over the next closest competitors.

Consider the implication of those seven minutes per scan over the course of one day (or week, or year) and how many more patients will be seen as a result. That means better patient care across the board and relief for over-burdened practitioners. Who wouldn’t want that?