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How to Use the Best in KLAS® Report as an HIT Vendor or Services Firm

Covering approximately 150 segments of the healthcare IT market, the Best in KLAS® report provides an unparalleled look at the state of customer satisfaction with HIT software and services. One of our main goals in publishing the report is to provide transparency to the healthcare market and help provider and payer organizations as they make mission-critical decisions.

However, the Best in KLAS report is also intended to be used by the software vendors and services firms it measures. It can provide them with invaluable tools for connecting with and understanding their customers. See below for a few of the top ways vendors can leverage the Best in KLAS data and then check out the full 2024 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report to see how your organization performed.

Top Ways for HIT Vendors and Services Firms to Use the Report

1. See how you compare to peers

One of the best ways software vendors and services firms can use the Best in KLAS report is as a gauge for how they perform compared to peers. Where do they excel—and just as important, where can they improve? Each segment in the report ranks the qualified vendors in order of overall performance score (out of 100), providing a clear snapshot of how each vendor measures up compared to peers. Additionally, year-over-year trend data can help vendors understand the route they and their competitors have taken to their current rankings—are things on the upswing or has satisfaction taken a downturn?

Also included are grades across KLAS’ customer experience pillars: culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value. (For services segments, the list is slightly altered: loyalty, operations, relationship, services, and value.) These grades can help vendors determine key areas in which they are performing well and other areas where they may be lagging behind the market.

2. Stay up to date on an ever-changing market

Healthcare technology is always changing—new segments emerge and old ones diminish in importance. In the Best in KLAS report, we aim to showcase the technology areas with the highest mindshare and energy among provider and payer organizations. Thus, vendors can treat the report as a guide to understanding which segments are of most interest and importance to healthcare customers today.

Vendors can also use the report to glean information about how a merger or acquisition—whether their own or a competitors’—is impacting customers and explore early data about new entrants to the market.

3. Spark collaborative conversations with customers and prospective customers

Each year, the Best in KLAS report is KLAS’ most widely downloaded and reported on report, reaching a broad audience of thousands of healthcare readers. As such, it represents an opportunity for vendors to participate in collaborative conversations with customers and prospective customers. KLAS loves giving vendors who have exceled an opportunity to shine a light on their success and give them a chance to celebrate their efforts. Additionally, vendors who might not have performed so well can use the report to realign themselves with customers and start an open and honest dialogue about the areas in which they need to improve and their plans for making that happen.

4. Identify areas for improvement

KLAS’ mission is to improve the world’s healthcare, and we hope the Best in KLAS report is one more catalyst for that improvement. Even the highest performing vendor has things they could work on improving. Our hope is that all vendors will leverage the customer feedback in the Best in KLAS report to identify these areas and then take action. If your organization wants help in these endeavors, reach out to your KLAS representative to explore the additional resources and insights we offer.

Not all vendors can claim to be Best in KLAS, but all can leverage the Best in KLAS data in one way or another. We hope your organization takes this opportunity to peruse the report and put the data to good use.

Our vendor partners located outside the US can view their performance in our global software report.

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