KLAS International Summit 2022- The Forum for Global Healthcare IT Leaders - Cover

KLAS International Summit 2022- The Forum for Global Healthcare IT Leaders

Dan Linsalata and Thierry Monjauze, Managing Directors in the Harris Williams Technology Group 

As market leaders in the healthcare IT sector, Harris Williams and KLAS are committed to facilitating high-quality conversations that advance the strong interest we see in healthcare technology from both strategic buyers and private equity groups.

To that end, we inaugurated the KLAS International Summit, an event in Europe where global healthcare IT stakeholders meet for in-depth discussions on key topics of interest in the industry, including essential trends and opportunities. 

Here, in anticipation of this year’s KLAS International Summit, we discuss investor themes for 2022 across several sub-segments of healthcare technology. 

Optimizing behaviors and handoffs

Much of the innovation in healthcare technology is focused on improving health outcomes. With any chronic health condition, there is a series of actions and interventions that need to happen across several specialists over time. Solutions receiving significant attention are those that prompt and incentivize a patient to take the “next best action” in their treatment journey. The goal is to help the patient take small positive steps that will result in greater treatment compliance and higher-quality care at a lower cost.

For example, diabetes patients now have smartphone apps that can tell them at any time what is happening with their blood glucose and what is likely to happen if they decide to go to the gym in an hour. Some digital tools also help doctors understand the right timing and modality to engage with their patients, keeping them on the path to better health.

Similarly, providers are investing in technology that facilitates continuity of care from the hospital into other care settings. Patient discharge and follow-up are two areas where such tools can help optimize patient flow and manage capacity. That technology may help ensure that a patient goes to the most appropriate next setting of care, such as a rehabilitation hospital or long-term care facility, and that the facility has an appropriate view of the patient based on his or her record and clinical notes.

Addressing complexity and generating insights

Another area where we’re seeing investment and innovation is in technology that helps providers and patients manage the complexity of the healthcare ecosystem. For example, increasing patient deductibles and a changing regulatory environment are driving healthcare providers to demand greater flexibility from their revenue cycle management solutions. Some of the newer platforms help providers manage complex claims, or those not covered by a traditional health insurance plan.

There’s also demand from providers for solutions that consolidate large data sets and generate insights to better manage risk across populations. In Europe the PE-led consolidation across inpatient solutions, as well as specialties and operational capabilities, is transforming the market from geographic and country-specific champions to regional champions. Large players in Europe, traditionally focused on inpatient solutions, are enhancing their footprint to outpatient and other care settings. 

Thus, consolidation is increasing the size of populations being served and the diversity of care being provided by a decreasing number of entities. Disruptors with the technology to best manage and analyze large data sets are growing fast and becoming a driving force in cross-border consolidation.


Investors are focused on the healthcare technology space because its leading participants provide both a meaningful ROI and defensive moats. Ultimately, the advancement of healthcare IT will also advance the standard of healthcare because providers and consumers will have more actionable and timely information with which to make decisions. That makes this an exciting time to be a part of this important industry and to participate with other global healthcare IT leaders in this year’s KLAS International Summit.

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