KLAS Methodology Exposed - Cover

KLAS Methodology Exposed

You know that scene at the end of The Wizard of Oz where Toto pulls back the curtain to reveal that (spoiler alert!) the great and powerful wizard is actually a humbug with a fancy machine? At KLAS, our mission is to improve the delivery of healthcare IT by honestly, accurately, and impartially measuring vendor performance. In other words, we pull back the curtain so that providers can determine for themselves which vendors are humbugs, which are actual wizards,and which are somewhere in between. And we believe that same transparency applies to us as well. We use no smoke and mirrors or sleight of hand when bringing you performance data on your vendors/solutions. Our goal is simply to amplify the provider voice. Watch the short video below to see how we do what we do and then leave us your questions/feedback in the comments.

Video: How does KLAS gather its healthcare research?