Passion for Prevention – Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Early Detection - Cover

Passion for Prevention – Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Early Detection

I love October. Growing up, I always looked forward to the beautiful fall colors. I still enjoy seeing the leaves change as an adult, but I have an appreciation for a new fall color—PINK! Yes, it is true, I actually look forward to seeing different cultures come together and wear pink in support of breast cancer awareness month. If the NFL can get into the spirit, anyone can wear it!

Those who work in breast imaging understand my passion and know it is not only me who gets the bug! In an economy where money is tight and reimbursements are tighter, the troops dig in. Both providers and vendors have committed to make a difference, and that is exactly what they are doing.

In KLAS’ most recent Breast Imaging 2014 report, providers reported that 3D tomosynthesis is making a difference in detecting cancers earlier. 100% of Hologic customers told us they would buy their systems again, while 63% of GE customers told us their top choice would also be Hologic.

Christmas came in September this year for GE customers awaiting FDA approval of GE’s own tomosynthesis solution. Since GE’s announcement last month, it has been interesting to talk with GE customers about their road maps and what they are planning for the future. Loyal Siemens customers are still patiently waiting for their vendor’s solution; 81% reported that Siemens is still their top choice.

As we gear up for RSNA, providers are weighing their options. Is whole breast ultrasound an avenue to explore, or do the breast applications in general ultrasounds meet providers’ needs? While half of providers in our report have no purchase plans, 21% said they plan to buy whole-breast ultrasound.