Progress Is Possible: Highlighting the “Most Improved” in Best in
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Progress Is Possible: Highlighting the “Most Improved” in Best in KLAS

KLAS’ mission is straightforward—to improve the world’s healthcare through insights, collaboration, and transparency. I would argue that the most important word in that statement is “improve.” We aren’t here to just measure or report on the performance of healthcare IT vendors. Our goal is to help them improve—and thereby help improve healthcare overall.

Measuring Improvement

Each February, KLAS releases the annual Best in KLAS report, which documents customer satisfaction with hundreds of software and services offerings used by provider and payer organizations. But the report isn’t just a static snapshot in time. Through it, KLAS seeks to also illustrate how the customer journey with each vendor has changed year over year, hopefully for the better. To that end, in addition to the Best in KLAS designation awarded in individual categories, KLAS also recognizes the solutions and services whose customers have reported the most improvement since the previous year’s report.

Who Was Most Improved in 2024?

The kinds of improvement we seek to celebrate don’t happen by accident. We congratulate the vendors below for being willing to listen to customer feedback and make adjustments where needed. Check out the full 2024 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report to see full details about how these and other vendors perform.

The designation of “most improved” is given to the software and services offerings that saw the highest percentage increase in score from the previous year’s Best in KLAS report. To be eligible, an offering must have been a ranked solution both years.

Most Improved Software Product: Lightbeam Population Health Management

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Since December 2023, customers of Lightbeam Population Health Management have reported an 18% increase in satisfaction, with the driving factor being Lightbeam’s stronger focus on providing proactive, responsive service. Subject matter experts are consistently available, giving customers confidence that whoever they talk to will be able to quickly and correctly resolve their request. Customers also praise Lightbeam’s leadership team for holding regular meetings to address concerns, request feedback, and discuss upcoming developments. Longer-term customers note a distinct improvement in Lightbeam’s culture of service.

Voice of the Customer

“I am satisfied. In the last couple of years, Lightbeam has amped up their support, and they are implementing our feedback. They are listening to our needs and working to facilitate changes that meet our needs. So Lightbeam has become much more supportive over the last few years and more responsive in changing and improving the tool to meet and go beyond our expectations.” —CFO

Most Improved Physician Practice Product: eClinicalWorks Small Practice Ambulatory EHR/PM

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The average overall score for eClinicalWorks’ EHR/PM solution has increased 29% year over year among small, independent practices (2–10 physicians). Customer scores range widely, from the single digits to perfect scores of 100, indicating there are still significant opportunities for improvement. Among both camps, sentiment is strong. Satisfied customers highlight the improvements they have seen with the release of v.12—they say the update has resolved many customer requests and has introduced helpful functionality. The new version has improved workflows, and customers report that implementing this upgrade was less of a lift than some past releases were.

Voice of the Customer

 “The product is very good. We are quite satisfied. The upgrades are timely, and none of the improvements make our lives more difficult. We went to a new version recently, and that transition was practically seamless.” —Physician

Most Improved Services Solution: AGS Health Extended Business Office Services

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Clients of AGS Health’s extended business office services have reported a 14% increase in satisfaction since the 2023 Best in KLAS report. This notable improvement was driven primarily by the vendor’s efforts to strengthen and improve relationships through strong executive engagement and empowered account representatives. Clients report that their vendor contacts are available, responsive, and empowered to solve any challenges. Clients also note that AGS Health is transparent, properly manages expectations, and is receptive to feedback.

Voice of the Customer

“[AGS Health is] an extension of our business office, and we function with them as if they were a team in another building. AGS Health is the most open firm at accepting feedback and adjusting things according to feedback. . . . They are excellent from a communication standpoint around trends and things that they see. They ask clarifying questions when they don’t know what to do. We like that they ask rather than assume. They are trustworthy.” —VP

Continuing the Cycle

At KLAS, improvement is the goal. We hope vendors whose customers are perhaps less satisfied will use the Best in KLAS report to spark greater collaboration and transparency. Any vendor who is willing to work for it has the potential to be counted among next year’s “most improved.”

Browse the report to see where your vendor partners stand!

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