Providers: It’s 8:00 a.m.—Do You Know Where Your Workers Are? - Cover

Providers: It’s 8:00 a.m.—Do You Know Where Your Workers Are?

Remember the classic public service announcement, “Do you know where your children are?” For years this message came on just before the 10:00 news and created either peace of mind or panic for viewers with children. In a pre-cell phone era, it prompted parents to be actively aware of their children’s whereabouts.  

Today, a slightly tweaked version can uncover truths that affect healthcare providers’ efficiency and bottom line: Do you know the status of the people under your responsibility?

While providers (hopefully) don’t need to worry about whether their employees are playing in the street or running with a bad crowd, knowing where their people stand with overtime and certifications can provide a sense of assurance for managers, just like that old commercial did for many parents. Because even though human capital is a top expense for healthcare organizations, in the hectic and high-risk setting of a hospital or clinic, it’s not always easy to know where employees are and whether they are fulfilling expectations.

Human capital management (HCM) systems help automate everything from hiring and training to goal management and time clocks. In a recent study, Human Capital Management 2014: Just Efficient Is Not Sufficient (, KLAS spoke with 115 providers to gauge the performance of 15 vendors in four categories: human resources/payroll, staff scheduling, time & attendance, and talent management. Using customer feedback, KLAS identified those vendors who are going above and beyond in impacting efficiency, those who are simply getting the job done, and those who are falling behind.

Where does your HCM vendor fit? And why are providers looking for vendors who are more than “just efficient”? Read the full report ( to find out which vendor would be the best option for your organization. That way, when 8:00 a.m. strikes, you’ll know exactly where your workers are.