Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in January 2024 - Cover

Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in January 2024

In January, the KLAS team has been hard at work preparing this year’s Best in KLAS® report for early February. However, we still saw the publication of a few noteworthy reports this month. In particular, we saw the publication of two Arch Collaborative Impact Reports, one on burnout and the other on ways to quickly improve EHR satisfaction.

Take a look at the following reports that you may have missed since the start of the new year.

Healthcare IT Market Reports

Also known as Segment Insights, KLAS’ healthcare IT market reports are KLAS’ bread and butter. For each segment insight report, we collect specific data from responding healthcare professionals over a long span of time.

Emerging HCIT Companies 2024: Top-of-Mind Healthcare Technologies

While KLAS measures a wide variety of vendors in healthcare IT, there are some vendors that KLAS does not currently measure because they are small or aren’t in KLAS’ focus right now. To find out which emerging healthcare IT vendors and market segments are top of mind for healthcare organizations but are not currently measured by KLAS, we gathered feedback from 52 healthcare professionals and website analytics. Inside the report, you’ll find an index of 66 vendors across high-interest markets.

Arch Collaborative Impact Reports

Available to Arch Collaborative members, Impact Reports are based on the feedback of thousands of clinicians at hundreds of participating healthcare organizations.

1. Understanding & Addressing Trends in Physician & Nurse Burnout 2024

Burnout rates, while slightly decreasing among physicians and nurses, are still above pre-pandemic levels. The Arch Collaborative specifically researches how burnout and the EHR intersect. Read the report to find out how burnout rates have evolved, what the main contributors are, and how organizations can continue to combat burnout.

2. Easy Lifts for Quickly Improving EHR Satisfaction 2024

If you need ways to improve clinician satisfaction with your EHR despite tight budgets and staffing shortages, this report draws on examples from high performing or improved organizations. Inside, you’ll read about the effective, high-impact interventions those organizations made by prioritizing and reallocating resources.

Emerging Insights Reports

There are four report types in KLAS’ Emerging Insights: Emerging Company Spotlights (on new companies), First & Second Looks (on solutions KLAS has yet to measure), and Case Studies (on new companies with fewer than 2 customers). If you’re looking for early data on some of the newer solutions out there, these reports are for you.

1. Emids Payer IT Consulting 2024: Helping Payers and Provider Organizations Maximize Their Technology and Decrease Load (First Look). Emids offers payer IT consulting services including implementation services and managed services. They aim to drive outcomes like optimized implementations, decreased provider loads, and improved overall process efficiency.

2. Simple Fractal 2024: Custom and Turnkey Digital Workforce Bot Solutions for Manual Process Automation (First Look). Offering custom and turnkey bot solutions, Simple Fractal aims to automate complex end-to-end processes. Their solutions help improve organizational efficiency, accuracy, and provider satisfaction.

We look forward to publishing many more hard-hitting reports in 2024 that are already in the works. In the meantime, don’t miss the new 2024 Best in KLAS Awards report which will go live on our website February 7! 

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