RSNA and Giving Thanks - Cover

RSNA and Giving Thanks

On September 14, 2012, while at work, I received a phone call from my wife that my youngest daughter, Macie, who was 29 days old, was being rushed to the hospital with a high fever and what the pediatrician suspected was a urinary tract infection. After Macie arrived at the hospital and had a few tests done, it was confirmed that not only had she contracted a UTI, but the infection had entered her bloodstream and was now threatening her life.  

As a parent, I can’t think of anything more distressing than having one of my children in a life-threatening situation. And the fact that I had no medical training or understanding of the situation only added to my fear at that moment. I could do nothing. . . . I was helpless. I had to rely solely on unknown hands and technologies to save my little Macie’s life.

Over the next six months, these unknown hands became trusted helping hands as we spent countless hours with doctors and nurses from two of the greatest healthcare networks in the country, Intermountain Healthcare and University of Utah Health Care. I saw the real synergy that exists in a community of care as providers and technologies worked together, focused on saving my daughter’s life.

During the long nights and days, I became very familiar with the different technologies used to bring Macie to full recovery. The ultrasound and x-ray machines stand out in my mind as real game changers. Both played an integral role in helping the physicians understand what had caused the infection in my daughter’s body and what steps they needed to take so it wouldn’t happen again.

Being both Thanksgiving and RSNA, it is a perfect time for me to share this personal story and express my gratitude for the community of care that helped save my little Macie and to recognize the amazing technology that can save even the most fragile of lives. 

This year, as RSNA celebrates “The Power of Partnership,” we at KLAS are honored to be a partner in this community of care. We are proud to partner with providers and technology vendors around the world to improve the delivery of healthcare technology. As the voice of providers worldwide, we strive to make sure that the most accurate, honest and impartial data is available so that hospital administrators can make the best decisions on which technology to purchase. We applaud the technology vendors who listen to their customers, constantly strive to improve their products and seek to be Best in KLAS.

So this year at RSNA we invite you to strengthen your partnership with KLAS. Visit us at booth #7308 and let your voice be heard and be counted by rating your medical imaging vendors. We encourage all to help us celebrate those vendors who have achieved Best in KLAS awards this year at a ceremony on Monday, December 2 at 10:30 am at the product theater in Hall A.

The power of partnerships and of being heard and counted can be summed up in the life of my now 16-month-old daughter. Here is a picture of Macie, a year after her last surgery: healthy, vibrant and full of life. From the Josephson family, we say thank you for all you do.