Sepsis: Demonstrating CDS Progress in Healthcare - Cover

Sepsis: Demonstrating CDS Progress in Healthcare

KLAS recently completed our first-of-it's-kind report on sepsis. The study on vendor-supplied solutions indicated broader evolution within clinical decision support technology. In essence, the CDS market is transitioning from passive point solutions to proactive intelligence - making data more valuable, tailored, and actionable at the point of care (see table below).

 Through our research, we identified several new vendor solutions coming to fruition, including Clinical Process Improvement - aimed at reducing care variation and promoting compliance - and Enterprise Clinical Surveillance which focuses on overall patient status, including deterioration and multi-factorial condition analyses.

sepsis demonstrating CDS progress in healthcare

The sepsis market behaves as a microcosm of how HIT at large has begun to truly effect the triple aim of healthcare delivery. KLAS is committed to reporting on how vendors are demonstrating ROI, clinical outcomes, and cost reduction related to sepsis and CDS in general. In regard to sepsis, our data, along with many scholarly publications in the industry, indicate that vendor solutions are making a difference in screening and management, no question.

Sepsis Vendor Solution Landscape

 Sepsis Vendor Landscape Chart

In general, many CDS vendors seek to add value today by applying their solutions more generally across an enterprise by adding robust service packages to enhance and optimize technology deployment to their clients. Advanced algorithms and custom rules sets are precipitating serious discussions on the impending reality of predictive analytics.

 Slick clinical dashboards give leaders more visibility into their individual providers’ and departments’ performance and compliance. Content vendors are making their insights more operational. Healthcare provider organizations expect greater value delivery, via tangible clinical outcomes, from their CDS solutions.

 Our recent Sepsis report is an early look at how CDS has made significant strides to impact the triple aim of healthcare (see graphic below). Due to a lack of integration between third party vendors and EMRs - a common industry disconnect – more providers look to their EMR vendor during CDS considerations. While EMR vendors have historically trailed behind third party functionality, new products and programs look promising.

 Third party vendors are responding to increase market demands and improving EMR functionality by developing specialty products and platform-based approaches. Excitement abounds among CMIOs and quality directors. One observation is certain: in an era of CDS is poised to once again become a major source of market energy in the HIT world.

Vendor Functionality and Sepsis Outcomes