Why KLAS Is Doing an Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report - Cover

Why KLAS Is Doing an Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report

KLAS began publishing Emerging Technology Spotlight reports in 2019 to help providers know what emerging solutions were available and to validate customers’ experiences. KLAS has done more than 130 Emerging Technology reports in the last three years, and we are planning to expand our research to give providers a more in-depth look at what is available to them.

As part of that effort, the recent Emerging Solutions Top 20 report moves beyond the individual vendor Spotlight reports and gives providers an easy way to see which KLAS validated solutions have the most potential to help them in the different areas of the Quadruple Aim: improving outcomes, reducing costs, improving patient experiences, and improving clinician experiences.

The Methodology

To create this report, we had to take a bit of a new approach. We first looked at the highest performing vendors from Spotlight and First-Look reports published from January 2021 through May 2022. High-performing vendors had KLAS scores above 85 when their solutions’ Spotlight or First-Look reports were published. We had a list of over 40 vendors at that point.

From there, we contacted a group of CIOs and other healthcare executives to rate the solutions on our list. This group looked at all the KLAS reports about those solutions and rated the solutions based on their potential to have impacts in the four areas of the Quadruple Aim.

Based on that provider feedback, we ranked the solutions in the four areas of the Quadruple Aim. The top five in each area made up our top 20 winners.

The Winners

The following list includes all the KLAS Emerging Solutions Top 20 winners. Please read the report for more customer commentary.

Improves Outcomes

  1. Atlas Health
  2. Datos Health
  3. Clarify Health Solutions
  4. Phox Health
  5. HealthTalk A.I.

Reduces Cost of Care

  1. AvaSure
  2. Atlas Health
  3. Clarify
  4. Stellar Health
  5. Vatica Health & XSOLIS

Improves Patient Experiences

  1. DeliverHealth
  2. Gozio Health
  3. HealthTalk A.I.
  4. MDsave
  5. Phox Health

Improves Clinician Experiences

  1. Nuance
  2. Laudio
  3. Notable
  4. DeliverHealth
  5. Iodine Software, SyncTimes, & Vatica Health

Why Providers Should Read the Report

If a provider has a need in a particular area of the Quadruple Aim, they can come to this report to see what technology solutions have the potential to help them. And the report doesn’t just include the top 20 vendors. It includes the full list of 42 solutions that were considered for the top 20, and all of those solutions have the potential to make an impact.

There is also a section in the report with great commentary from our provider board about what themes everyone in healthcare, from providers to vendors to investors, should be learning about and considering.

The Impact on Vendors

Each vendor works hard to develop a product that they feel will make a difference in the healthcare world. On some level, all of the emerging solutions on our list have the potential to do that. This was a great opportunity for the vendors of those solutions to get recognition for what they're doing. Because the solutions are still emerging, most of them are not eligible for the Best in KLAS awards at their current size. This report gives vendors an opportunity to show that they're doing something important and unique that can hopefully help providers at all levels. I hope that the Emerging Solutions Top 20 report will give some vendors extra motivation to keep moving forward with their solution’s development and to continue working to find solutions to the problems they are trying to solve.

A Call for Emerging Vendors

If you’re interested in qualifying for this report in the future, the first step is to connect with us here at KLAS. If you have a solution that meets our qualifications, we will do a Spotlight report on your product. Spotlight reports can help you do a few things aside from potentially qualifying for the next Emerging Solutions Top 20 report. They also help you let providers know not only what you do, but how you do it, and why you’re doing it. We also talk with your customers to validate their experiences. If any of that sounds appealing to you, we’d love to see whether we can work with you.

Future Outlook for Emerging Solutions at KLAS

As we continue to publish Spotlight reports, we plan to publish more Top 20 reports. We want to continue to highlight new vendors who are doing good work and have the potential to make a big impact on healthcare as we know it.

Please check out the report on our website for more information.