Your Annual Checkup - Cover

Your Annual Checkup

I’m always fascinated by what the outcome will be when I go to visit my doctor for the annual checkup. I start to review the past few months and wonder if I should have skipped that third doughnut for breakfast. Has my weight crept upward over the last year? How is my A1C going to look? What about my blood pressure? Is everything working together to keep me healthy or do I need to make some changes? Vendors ask similar questions after seeing the results of their latest annual checkup.

Like an annual physical with your favorite doctor, the medical equipment Best in KLAS Awards report shows who is doing well and where, but it also shows where vendors may have gained a few pounds or knocked a few points off their cholesterol. All year, we gather feedback from our provider partners in anticipation of this “annual checkup.” It’s a great way to recognize vendors that are doing an excellent job for their customers. It’s also a great time for providers and vendors alike to take a step back and look at the big picture—especially when the “checkup” yields surprising results.

In an unexpected upset this year, Fuji took the overall Best in KLAS award for medical equipment from Toshiba, who had won this award since its inception in 2007.

Toshiba is known in the industry for their great customer relationships and top-notch support, which have helped them earn praise from their customers. However, service is only part of the equation. Technology is also a major driver of success in the equipment world. The combination of service and functional innovation is what creates customer “health.” In that vein, Fuji came out with their new digital x-ray room and a new mobile x-ray, which are not only innovative, but are also backed by great service.

Fuji was the highest overall rated medical equipment vendor, but other vendors topped the “health” rankings in specific market segments, such as Siemens in high-end CT—one of three areas where they just won Best in KLAS. How did Phillips do? Hint: check out our Ultrasound ratings. What about vendors like GE, CareFusion, and Toshiba, among others? Are they bringing something new to the table? Have they moved up since last year, or have they hit a bump in the road and dropped in the rankings?

At the end of the day, your vendors’ health performance contributes greatly to your organization’s health. Take a look at the vendors you work with.Remember, even they could use a pat on the back when they’re doing a great job. Conversely, it’s not hard to aim your boot if they are not doing well. . . .