Entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries are already racing to deliver and implement technology that can solve the many transformational challenges across the healthcare landscape. KLAS etech INSIGHT aims to give these thought leaders and groups a boost—and a resource that will help validate the real results within the noise. By combining ideas, efforts, and transparency, the best minds in HCIT will be able to drive innovative and effective solutions faster than ever before.

Why is KLAS Studying Emerging Technology?

Separating hype from reality

Each week, dozens of new companies are knocking on the doors of provider organizations and health systems to present their latest innovative solutions. Leaders of these provider organizations are reporting more noise than ever in this market for healthcare start-ups and innovation and are looking for some guidance on which solutions they should really consider.

Do you use or know of a solution that is truly innovative and successfully solving some of the most difficult healthcare challenges?

With the help from our provider friends, health system innovation centers, and others, KLAS wants to help cut through that noise by identifying and validating emerging companies that are solving real healthcare problems in innovative ways as part of our overarching mission to improve the world’s healthcare.

Do you offer a solution KLAS should know about?

KLAS separates hype from reality with the following eTech Solutions.


Emerging Technology


KLAS has validated the early performance of these emerging technology vendors and solutions.




Separate fact from fiction. These reports combine early customer feedback with KLAS insights.


HCIT Company


We asked you which companies are the most innovative or disruptive in the industry.


eTech Insights


These articles highlight early thought leadership on an emerging areas or technology.

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To identify technology solutions that KLAS has validated as being more fact than fiction, we give innovative, emerging vendors a Featured KLAS eTech Spotlight badge.

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What does this mean?

*Please note that the Featured KLAS eTech Spotlight badge does not endorse the solution or promise high-level vendor performance.

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