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Emerging Technology Insights

Use insights on the future of healthcare IT to guide your innovation strategy.

Emerging Technology Insights

This research identifies new technologies that are having an impact in healthcare IT.


Why Is KLAS Studying Emerging Technology?

Healthcare organizations are constantly being approached by new companies hoping to present their latest solutions. With so many start-ups clamoring for their attention, healthcare leaders often feel the need for guidance on which solutions they should consider.
KLAS can help cut through the noise. We work with healthcare providers, innovation centers, and others to identify new companies to research. We then validate which emerging companies are solving real healthcare problems in innovative ways.
Do you know of an up-and-coming solution that is successfully solving one of healthcare’s most difficult challenges?

Separating fact from fiction

Emerging Technology Offerings

Explore the different ways to learn about the latest up-and-coming technologies in healthcare IT.
Emerging Technology Category Page

Emerging Technology Category Page

Use the ROI risk quadrant to explore which new technologies generate high levels of customer satisfaction. This data can give you a sense of which emerging technologies are clear leaders in their respective areas of focus. This page also lists all KLAS-rated emerging technologies by category and provides links to each solution’s individual report.

Spotlight Reports

These reports examine one emerging company at a time, using a combination of early customer feedback and KLAS insights.

Top-of-Mind Reports

Reveal the innovative or disruptive companies and market segments that are top of mind for healthcare organizations today.

Emerging Technology Articles

How do we gather this information?
Once we identify an emerging technology company to highlight, we engage with them. We then interview a small sample of their customers about the technology and the vendor's performance. After analyzing the feedback, we publish it in a report.
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Tell Us about an Emerging Technology Solution

Put emerging technology companies on our radar and we'll do the rest.

Please let us know if:

  • You want KLAS to investigate and spotlight an emerging technology company to learn more about how it might work in your organization.
  • An emerging technology solution has made a positive impact on your organization and you want to help peers benefit from your success.
  • An emerging technology solution has caused you problems and you want to tip others off before they sink money into it.
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Featured KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight Badge


What does the badge mean?

The badge communicates that KLAS has identified and validated the early performance of an innovative, disruptive, or emerging technology solution.

How can the badge be used?

Vendors may display the badge on their websites and marketing materials to communicate KLAS’ validation of their emerging solution. Please submit all materials using the badge to datause@klasresearch.com for approval.

By clicking on the badge or provided link, healthcare professionals can easily access and review the Spotlight report to see early data on the solution’s performance, outcomes achieved by interviewed customers, and validated feature functionality*
*Please note that the Featured KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight badge does not endorse the solution or promise high-level vendor performance.

How do I get my solution highlighted by KLAS?

Number 1
 Contact KLAS to start the research process.
Number 2
 If you qualify, work with KLAS to publish a Spotlight report.
Number 3
 Recieve the Spotlight badge.
When we validate innovative, emerging vendors, we give them a Featured KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight badge.