Why is KLAS Studying Emerging Technology?

Separating Fact from Fiction

Each week, dozens of new companies are knocking on the doors of provider organizations and health systems. Leaders of provider organizations of all sizes are reporting more noise than ever before in this market for healthcare start-ups and innovation.

This leaves providers with more questions than answers. Which companies are legitimate? What problems are they trying to solve? Which tools could be effective at my organization for driving real tangible outcomes and results? Who are the vendor’s customers, and are they getting the promised and expected results? How long does it take to achieve an ROI?

As an unbiased third party, KLAS will do the legwork to validate these new companies so that providers can be informed, understand reality, and know what their peers are achieving through innovation. KLAS will attempt, in essence, to separate fact from fiction. We want to identify emerging companies that are solving real healthcare problems in innovative ways as part of the overarching KLAS mission to improve the world’s healthcare.

There are thousands of new HCIT companies every year. With help from our generous provider friends, health system innovation centers, and others, we will identify those new companies and technologies that are worth a deeper look.

This is the mission and purpose of this new initiative called KLAS etech INSIGHT.

etech INSIGHT Solutions

KLAS will be bringing multiple etech INSIGHT solutions to the market to provide clarity, differentiation, and truth to the provider community. Some of those offerings include the following:

  • etech INSIGHT First Looks: early thought-leadership articles on an emerging market segment or technology which may be too early to be validated.
  • Emerging HCIT Markets and Companies Digests: digest-style reports of the most frequently mentioned, top of mind, and hottest emerging healthcare IT markets and companies.
  • KLAS etech Spotlights: brief market research reports on a single company/technology with the purpose of informing and educating the provider community on the experiences of early customers/validated results being achieved and useful, important information about the company.
  • KLAS etech Summits: emerging companies have the opportunity bring their fresh perspectives and voices to KLAS Summits to drive definitions, frameworks, and progress in specific healthcare segments
  • etech INSIGHT Media Hub: Podcasts with new company CEOs who have fresh ideas and angles into innovation.

Entrepreneurs, innovators, and visionaries are already racing to deliver and implement technology that can solve the many transformational challenges across the healthcare landscape. KLAS etech INSIGHT aims to give these thought leaders and groups a boost—and a resource that will help validate the real results within the noise. By combining ideas, efforts, and transparency, the best minds in HCIT will be able to drive innovative and effective solutions faster than ever before.

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The KLAS etech INSIGHT Advisory Team

Like other members of KLAS’ Advisory Board, these experts will partner with us in our work to find the truth in the market and identify what will be most valuable to HCIT decision-makers. Members of the advisory team will act as guardrails and advisors to make sure our strategy, road map, and services are on target with what the market needs

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Bob Cash

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Adam Gale


Adam Gale


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Emerging Tech

etech INSIGHT First Looks

Early Thought Leadership into Hot Areas. Many emerging markets, technologies, and ideas in healthcare technology are too immature and not far enough along in customer adoption for KLAS to validate. These First Look articles provide an opportunity to generate thought leadership within key areas and point out specifics to watch for, possible market impacts, and vendors and solutions that are dedicated to the respective areas or technologies.

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etech Spotlights

KLAS etech Spotlights: A Validation of Emerging Companies/Technologies. While the Emerging HCIT Companies reports measure market buzz around top-of-mind companies (a listing/directory look), each etech Spotlight will take an early look into a single company (or emerging technology), validate the customer experience through interviews with clients, share an early perspective on the company’s performance, and provide valuable information about the emerging company. Our hope is to publish 30 KLAS etech Spotlights (highlighting 30 distinct emerging companies and/or technologies) in 2019.

Emerging HCIT Markets and Companies Digests

Identify Top-of-Mind Emerging HCIT Companies and Markets. These digest-style reports will include new companies and hot markets that providers report to KLAS. This ongoing research will give the KLAS etech INSIGHT team an opportunity to keep tabs on the landscape of innovative and emerging companies in healthcare. It will be interesting to see what new companies—and respective hot, new markets—will be highlighted in the coming months and years.

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Emerging Tech

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