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March 12, 2015
Contact: Joshua Schneck

Are HIM purchasing plans already decided?

OREM, Utah - March 12, 2015 - Health Information Management efficiency is at the forefront of providers' minds as many are consolidating processes and using fewer vendors. As automation drives some technology purchases, providers are evaluating the functions, existing relationships, and vendor promises of each system to determine their vendor of choice. Research published today in KLAS' "HIM Purchasing Plans 2015: Increasing Efficiency through Technology" report indicates that approximately 65% of healthcare providers surveyed by KLAS have chosen their CAC solution, with some even purchasing additional systems from the vendor for interoperability.

The report also says that the CAC and CDI markets are expanding as more providers desire to streamline processes using one solution. 3M has a substantial percentage of the market share, and 3M has the most providers considering their CDI solution-as well as the largest percentage of customers currently using their CDI solution that are considering replacement. Optum maintains a significant portion of the CAC clients. Research shows many of these clients are now choosing Optum as their newer CDI solution as opposed to a more mature alternative. Even with the various system options, no vendor has demonstrated broad customer success with both CAC and CDI solutions.

"With ICD-10 being delayed as many times as it has, providers are worried about the rug being pulled again. As we quickly approach October 1, this is an interesting time for the industry," said report author Boyd Stewart. "After last year's delay, we saw many providers pause and wait. A lot of providers see the end of March as the point of no more delay and are anxiously awaiting the end of this month to start ramping up again. It will be interesting to see what activity takes place in HIM through the rest of the year."

For access to the report visit KLAS online at The report is available to healthcare providers and vendors.

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