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AMS & Help Desk 2018

AMS & Help Desk 2018
Which Firms Are Exceeding Expectations and How?

Authored by: Ryan Oliver and Shea Smart December 27, 2018 | Read Time: 6  minutes

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Both the number of relevant firms and the depth of services offered within application management services (AMS) and help desk services have expanded in recent years. Some long-term players in the market are falling behind (e.g., CareTech Solutions, Cerner, and NTT DATA), and a few newcomers have widened the field (e.g., Cumberland, emids, HCTec, Nordic, and ROI Healthcare Solutions). KLAS spoke to 130 provider organizations who shared their experience with their AMS and help desk firms.

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Key Findings

  1. Nordic & Cumberland, Newcomers, with Epic Application Expertise, Deliver Strong Customer Experience
  2. Cerner, with Largest Customer Base, Delivers Poor Experience for Some
  3. Previously Best in KLAS, CareTech Sees Dramatic Performance Drop
  4. Broad Firm GuideIT Offers Strong Collaboration; NTT Data Falls Behind with 0% Reporting Exceeded Expectations
  5. Key Metric High & Low Performers
  6. IT Outsourcing: Industry Insights & Context
  7. Wide Variation in Customer Expectations
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