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Go-Live Support 2018

Go-Live Support 2018
The Bar Has Been Raised, Which Firms Can Meet It?

Authored by: Nathan Evans and Shea Smart July 31, 2018 | Read Time: 3  minutes

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The bar for go-live support has been raised, with many healthcare organizations now expecting their firm to handle the complex task of managing and planning logistics for their go-live resources, who could number in the hundreds. Though most healthcare organizations are satisfied with these services, some firms do not meet all expectations. KLAS spoke with 69 provider organizations (over half of the hospital organizations in the US who have used go-live services in the last 18 months) to better understand how they measure go-live success as well as to discover how well their go-live firm met their expectations for managing personnel, providing knowledgeable resources, and effectively planning and coordinating logistics.

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Medasource, CSI Healthcare IT, & Optimum Healthcare IT Set Themselves Apart by Consistently Helping Clients Achieve Go-Live Success

Medasource, CSI Healthcare IT, and Optimum Healthcare IT all drive high satisfaction by quickly responding to client needs. Each receives unique praise—Medasource is customer-centric in avoiding excessive fees; CSI Healthcare IT’s strong vetting process ensures high-quality resources; and Optimum Healthcare IT’s highly engaged leadership uses strong communication to build relationships. The HCI Group, Nuance, and Santa Rosa Consulting performed high in KLAS’ 2017 implementation services report but have struggled to maintain high client satisfaction. The HCI Group, whose drop in satisfaction has been the most significant, has overpromised on their level of involvement and on their resources’ expertise. Nuance clients are disappointed with the firm’s poor communication and focus on expanding engagements. Santa Rosa Consulting’s leadership team has not been very engaged or attentive in building relationships.

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High End-User Adoption and Strong Training Are Most Critical for Go-Live Success

Respondents most commonly measure go-live success by end-user adoption, followed by the effectiveness of the firm’s training. These measurements often go hand in hand—end users who receive effective training feel more proficient and comfortable adopting a solution. Nearly half measure go-live success by whether the engagement met their timeline and budgetary constraints. Roughly one-third measure success by the number of support tickets; another one-third measure it by whether they met their organization’s unique goals, such as refining workflows based on specialty or size.

how do clients measure the success of a go live project

Exceeding Expectations the Standard for Personnel Management; Optimum Excels, While HCI Group, Nuance, & Divurgent Lag Behind

Optimum Healthcare IT is proactive in managing and directing their resources, many of whom have clinical backgrounds that help them effectively train and communicate with clinicians. While Nuance, The HCI Group, and Divurgent typically meet or exceed client expectations for managing personnel, they score in the lowest tier. Some HCI Group clients who have challenges feel the firm struggles to provide high-quality resources and to manage those resources, primarily due to lack of communication and to overcommitting on what they can deliver. Less satisfied Nuance clients mention things such as the firm replacing resources without notifying clients and project managers focusing more on selling additional services than on providing road maps to help clients prepare for engagements. Most Divurgent clients feel that the firm does a good job managing personnel, but few feel Divurgent exceeded or greatly exceeded expectations. Additionally, some mention that the resources lack experience with health system workflows and aren’t always able to answer questions.

personnel management vs staff knowledge

Pre-Implementation Planning from Optimum Healthcare IT & Medasource Effectively Prepares Clients for Engagements

Firms that carefully plan each phase of a go-live implementation prevent clients from having to worry about the logistics of managing hundreds of resources. Clients highly praise Optimum Healthcare IT, Medasource, and emids Technologies (Encore) for their project planning and logistics. Optimum Healthcare IT collaborates with clients to create a custom approach that is centered on specific goals, and the firm’s proactive management team closely monitors personnel and moves them where they are most needed. Medasource focuses on avoiding excessive costs and plans out logistics for their personnel months before an engagement begins. Furthermore, Medasource’s leadership team contacts clients as often as requested to make any necessary resource adjustments. emids Technologies’ engaged leadership team is also highly responsive to clients’ resource requests. Additionally, their strong methodology allows clients to easily track go-live staff, even during simultaneous shift changes across various locations.

logistics and planning

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