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HIT Interoperability Update

HIT Interoperability Update
Key Findings From KLAS' 2014 Reports

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Though a “one patient, one record” utopia is unlikely in the near future, providers have invested significant efforts into sharing patient information. Spurred on by government initiatives like meaningful use, U.S. providers have turned to EMR and HIE vendors to facilitate this data sharing. Here are some of the top interoperability highlights from KLAS’ 2014 reports.

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In 2012 and 2013, InterSystems expanded their already large customer base. This increase in hospital marketshare resulted largely from InterSystems securing multi hospital contracts in countries like the UK. However, research indicates that this trend may not continue. Looking forward, the Cerner/Siemens acquisition will give Cerner—who has three disparate EMRs in use in many countries—the largest footprint.

To see vendors’ overall EMR market share numbers by region and to understand who is gaining market share and why, see our Global EMR Performance 2014 report.

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The UK has been a hotbed of EMR-purchasing activity in recent years, and multinational vendors (Cerner, Epic, InterSystems, andAllscripts) have rapidly increased in consideration among providers selecting an EMR. Regional solutions like CSC Lorenzo, SystemC, and IMS Maxims and various portal solutions have seen more tempered increases in their considerations, and some have even seen decreases.

This trend has also played out in other places around the globe. Cerner and Epic have begun to pull away in overall provider EMR considerations due to their complete and fully integrated solutions. Providers are more likely to lean toward Cerner as the probable choice since they see Cerner as more flexible than Epic in terms of deployment and pricing. Despite having a small footprint outside ofthe United States, Epic has significantly increased in consideration; providers feel obligated to consider them because of their growing global reputation.

For more information on why providers are considering each vendor and who providers are considering in the various regions, see our Global EMR Perception 2014 report.

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In Europe, five vendors stand out fo rtheir high performance: Allscripts, Cerner,ChipSoft, CSC Lorenzo, and Epic. Of these vendors, only Cerner has achieved high satisfaction across multiple countries—the other four are mostly limited to a single country.

For more detail on vendor performance inEurope and other regions, see our Global EMR Perception report.

KLAS recently released our first Best in KLAS report for HIT solutions used globally outside the United States. To see the leaders for EMR, PAS, and PACS, see our Best in KLAS report.

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