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Physicians, Nurses, and EMR Adoption

Physicians, Nurses, and EMR Adoption
Which Solutions are CEOs Betting On?

July 24, 2009

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Despite the economic downturn and overall drop in CIS decisions, Epic had a banner year, logging almost 40 percent of all new sales. The numbers are in: while 2008 registered as the lowest in recent history for CIS purchases at hospitals with over 200 beds, not everyone shared that bad news. Although access to capital has been problematic, some providers have found ways to move ahead, and there is evidence of more such decisions to come. The recent past is not an indication of the future. With the new ARRA requirements, KLAS sees many organizations looking for a new CIS. By 2010–2011, the downward sales trends will likely improve and may even become growth years. The market is at a pivot point, a point never seen before. While providers may not have acted yet, many are poised for action, pending the definition of meaningful use.

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