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Strategic M&A 2019

Strategic M&A 2019
A Recipe for Success with Mergers and Acquisitions

Authored by: Chris Chandler and Emily Paxman October 15, 2019 | Read Time: 5  minutes

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Mergers and acquisitions are a common occurrence in the healthcare IT industry, and recent years have seen several big announcements in the EHR space (e.g., Cerner acquiring Siemens, Allscripts acquiring McKesson). This report provides an update on recent M&A activity and—by examining customer satisfaction before, during, and one year after a merger or acquisition—answers these questions posed by investors, vendors, and healthcare organizations:

Healthcare Providers,
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questions about mergers and acquisitions

Key Findings

  1. Success Is in Your Hands: Deliberate Steps by Vendors Determine the Success of a Merger/Acquisition
  2. Vendor Vulnerability Doubles after a Poor Acquisition
  3. A Customer-Centric Approach to Price, Value, and Communication Makes M&As Successful
  4. Poor Culture Sinks Good Companies after M&As
  5. Does the Type of Company Affect M&A Success?
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