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Worksite Health Services 2019

Worksite Health Services 2019
Measuring Clinic Adoption and Outcomes

Authored by: Joe VanDeGraaff and Alex McIntosh December 19, 2019 | Read Time: 16  minutes

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As healthcare costs continue to climb, employers are attempting to mitigate the impact by taking measures to help manage and improve the health of their employees. A very tangible step—particularly common among self-insured employers—is to engage a worksite health services firm to provide employees (and sometimes their dependents) with primary care and related services. Employers generally agree that employees view workplace clinics as a nice benefit, but the real question is whether the clinics actually improve employee health and reduce costs. This KLAS report is intended to increase transparency in the market by shining a light on employers’ real-world experiences with various worksite health services firms.

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Key Findings

  1. Report Focus and Content
  2. Basic Scoping Alignment
  3. Value and Performance Data
  4. Firm Transparency/Collaboration
  5. Marathon Health, OurHealth, and Premise Health Consistently Deliver High Satisfaction
  6. Clients Report Lack of Needed Partnership from QuadMed and Activate Healthcare
  7. CareHere Stands Out with Disciplined Approach to Reporting and Outcomes Tracking
  8. Vera Whole Health and Cerner Clients Find Value in Firms’ Proactive Wellness Efforts and Community-Centered Approach
  9. Marathon Health Seen as Most Strategic in Envisioning Future of Employee Health
  10. Performance Bottom Lines
  11. Firm-Provided Information
  12. Firms' Approaches to Worksite Health Services
  13. Research Context: About KLAS
  14. Research Methodology and Scope
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