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Guidehouse (formerly Navigant)'s Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Cybersecurity expertise for protecting data, networks, workforce, and patients

With IT staff stretched to the limit and many quarantined, we’ve already experienced multiple coronavirus-related cyberattacks on providers and government entities. More can be expected as government guidance to the US workforce further restricts use of existing corporate operational infrastructure and compels an even greater number of employees over longer periods of time to work remotely.

Our cybersecurity experts can advise you on how to protect your most critical assets: your workforce, data and networks, and patients. Our team is led by Marianne Bailey, a former NSA and Pentagon cybersecurity executive with more than three decades of experience protecting the nation’s critical security systems. As Bailey suggests in an interview, providers need to “double down” on cybersecurity best practices—they must have disaster recovery plans and make sure there are backups of critical data.

Government Funding Applications
New government funding for rapid recovery, stronger capacity and community resilience, and enhanced preparedness for future crises

Organizations will need to access new government funding. The FEMA funding made available through the President’s Emergency Disaster Declaration will reimburse qualified organizations for much of their emergency response costs—but only if their application for funding is properly structured and timely presented to their state emergency management agency. Reimbursement delays can be expected for organizations unable to present their claim in the FEMA-prescribed manner: Stafford Act-compliant and free of disallowed costs that require time-consuming review and revisions. As such, COVID-19 specific codes and accounting policies must be implemented to ensure maximum and timely reimbursement.

In addition, Congress authorized nearly $200 billion (with more likely to come) to address both current and future pandemic risks. We anticipate an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to make necessary changes to physical plant and technology infrastructure through additional legislative action to address current and future needs. Providers that have engaged in comprehensive pandemic process mapping and coding engagements will be best positioned to receive maximum funding for extensive infrastructure requirements.

Accessing these funds while you are busy on the front lines responding to this crisis will present other challenges. Guidehouse’s professionals have helped our FEMA client manage billions of dollars in emergency allocated grant claims and reimbursements successfully, all while navigating many complex, time-sensitive process requirements. We can help you rapidly recover, build stronger capacity and community resilience, and enhance preparedness planning for future crises.

Supply Chain
Identify, categorize, quantify, and prioritize supply chain risks and mitigation plans

Organizational preparedness and response have been severely hampered by supply chain issues. Our supply chain professionals, many of whom held leadership roles at large health systems and government institutions, have led organizations through previous emergencies and emergency readiness exercises, including overseeing processes critical to managing inventory for the military. We are well-equipped to identify, categorize, quantify, and prioritize supply chain risks and mitigation plans to minimize disruptions. We can assist with mission-critical activities, including:

  • Assessing existing inventory viability, availability, and immediate vulnerabilities.
  • Identifying both suppliers at risk of not fulfilling delivery obligations and alternative suppliers to support needs.
  • Allocation planning for clinical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and equipment, as well as adapted management controls, policies, and decision-making support for enhanced resource assignment.
  • Diligence and structure for daily cadence and tracking reports.
  • Supplier disaster recovery and pandemic management.
  • Developing communication plans for internal and external supply chain stakeholders.

In addition, once conditions stabilize, we are expertly positioned to develop preparedness plans and contingencies for the next time a crisis arises.

Staffing, Throughput, and Telework
Create capacity, enhance resources, reconfigure demand planning and workflows, and transition employees to telework

Amid rapidly changing work environments, our operational leaders are experts at applying the processes needed to create capacity, enhance resources, and reconfigure demand planning and workflows to enable efficient delivery of high-quality care, even in these challenging times. This includes:

  • Leveraging our staffing optimization analytics to identify new shift and schedule configurations to reduce the need for expensive per diem staffing.
  • Tracking workforce status and capacity in real time, filterable by skill and location, to enhance human resource assignments and mission-critical activities as overall capacity changes daily.
  • Creating flex teams to accommodate new resource availability constraints.
  • Identifying OR schedule configurations and shifting appropriate elective cases to alternative sites.
  • Streamlining access to emergency services and throughput by revised triage protocols and reconfiguring fast-track areas/ functions.
  • Unlocking unused or underused capacity and reconfiguring to current highest and best use.

Furthermore, with the need to quickly transition employees to telework, we can help organizations optimize remote work practices, tools, and networks while continuing to sustain team dynamics and high performance.

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