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A Recap of Recent KLAS Emerging Insights Reports

Sometimes, all it takes for KLAS to delve into uncharted territory is a provider request. In the case of researching emerging companies and solutions, KLAS had many healthcare providers asking for more insights and data. But as a research company dedicated to accuracy and anonymity, it was always difficult to get the numbers we needed to review newer companies. Often, they just didn’t have enough customers yet to be fully rated. Enter KLAS’ Emerging Insights reports.

To get early insights into these companies, KLAS interviews their existing customers to learn about their current customer experience and the benefits they offer. While the data is still limited, the reports produced from it are helpful for providers wanting to see what new solutions and services are out there.

What follows are our most recent reports from the past three months of KLAS’ Emerging Insights research.

A Note on Report Types

There are four different types of Emerging Insights reports. The following is what each one covers:

  • Emerging Company Spotlight: As the original report in this category, these reports’ research focuses on a newer company that KLAS has never measured.
  • First Look: These reports highlight a solution that KLAS has never measured before, though we may have data on the company and other solutions they offer.
  • Second Look: As the name suggests, these reports are an update on a solution previously reviewed in company Spotlight or First Look reports.
  • Emerging Insights Case Study: These reports are on a solution KLAS has never measured where the feedback is from only one or two early adopters.


1. OrbitalRX 2024 (Emerging Company Spotlight): A solution aiming to automate shortage management and give pharmacists more confidence in their workflow.

2. Simple Fractal 2024 (Emerging Company Spotlight): Digital workforce bot solutions that help provider organizations automate manual processes. This spans initial business analysis, process discovery, and bot development, deployment, and continuous operational support.

This month we also published a report titled Emerging HCIT Companies 2024: Top-of-Mind Healthcare Technologies. We talked to healthcare organizations to find out about the new solutions they’re hearing about that KLAS doesn’t rate yet. Take a look at this report indexing 66 vendors across high-interest markets.  


1. Redivus Health Code Blue 2023 (Emerging Company Spotlight): A solution that aims to reduce medical errors and any unneeded variables from code-blue events through clinical GPS, enabling better speed and accuracy.

2. SparkChange SparkActions 2023 (Emerging Company Spotlight): A solution for optimizing the intricacies of the revenue cycle through database-level automations, aiming to ensure timely payments.

3. Lean Business Services Raqeem 2023 (Emerging Company Spotlight): A solution intended to help payer and provider organizations increase efficiency and connectivity by automating the medical record.


1. Epic Payer Platform 2023 (First Look): A solution that is used to connect payer and provider organizations with open channels of communication that go beyond faxing and phone calls.

2. Casechek 2023 (Case Study): A solution working to create a more efficient implant supply chain that is controlled by the hospital, not suppliers. It also works to create an automated ecosystem of organizations and suppliers. The case study focuses on early feedback from two respondents at one organization using Casechek.

3. EXL Payment Integrity Solutions 2023 (First Look): Payment integrity solutions that offer a modular approach to payment integrity that aims to provide deeper insights to payers with greater transparency and accessibility.

We Need Your Help

One of the best ways KLAS has of finding new solutions is through your referrals. If you know of or use a solution that is truly innovative or want to know more about a solution, please reach out to us! Click on the link to tell us about it from this page.

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