Advanced Visualization and Golf: Consistency Is Key - Cover

Advanced Visualization and Golf: Consistency Is Key

In the advanced visualization market, where there are relatively few players but strong competition, consistency is critical.

My golf game needs a lot of work. Every time I go out, I have high hopes for a good experience. However, more often than not, those hopes are dashed as that little white ball flies all over the golf course. I suppose I am getting my money’s worth from a cost-per-shot perspective. 

Golf is a humbling game. I am often reminded of its complexities and how difficult it is to be a consistent performer. There are so many little things to consider and so many things that can—and often do—go wrong in a golf swing.

As with a good golf game, in the advanced visualization market, consistency is king. Talking to influential radiology providers throughout the world and hearing their experiences with certain vendors has been an interesting process. As these providers have recounted their experiences and shared their insights, it has become apparent that the vendors who can provide and deliver consistently are the ones who find lasting success. Just like in golf, it is not easy for vendors to perform well consistently. There are a lot of factors influencing the providers’ experience, and constant attention to detail becomes paramount.

In advanced visualization, there are relatively few players, but the competition is strong. Providers are looking for differentiators. What sets the players apart? Who can consistently deliver a good experience? Do the best-of-breed players—TeraRecon and Vital—have a leg up in robust functionality? Are the enterprise players—GE, Philips and Siemens—in an advantaged position as modality vendors? 

One of the interesting findings in our advanced visualization report is that many provider organizations are considering a consolidation of AV vendors. Multiple provider organizations are using two, sometimes three, separate AV systems, and naturally there is a desire to consolidate. The bottom line is this: the AV vendors that can consistently deliver robust functionality, new technology, fair and consistent pricing/licensing and excellent support will be in a great position to excel in this environment. Likewise, it is the consistent golfer who delivers a smooth, effortless, replicable swing each time that tends to fare well at the end of the golf round. Unfortunately, that kind of consistency is easier said than done.