Breast Cancer Awareness: Let's Talk About Breast Density - Cover

Breast Cancer Awareness: Let's Talk About Breast Density

Living in the information age is both a blessing and a curse to those of us working to spread awareness about the importance of breast density in breast cancer detection.

On one hand, we’ve never had such easy access to more accurate data about breast density. On the other hand, misleading or bemusing information can spread far too easily.

More and more states now require that women with dense breasts be notified of that fact in their mammogram results, but even women who receive notification about their breast density may be confused about what that means for them.

As one article in Radiology Today points out, "In some areas, the education aspect of this movement isn't keeping pace with the notification mandates. . . . Many imagers wonder exactly what their role is in educating both patients and primary care physicians as to what this notification means and what steps should be taken upon receiving it."

Whether you are a breast cancer survivor, healthcare provider, or advocate of cancer prevention, you can help save lives by educating yourself and others about breast density! Here are a few articles, videos, and other resources that may help.

I hope each of us can take a stand against breast cancer by spreading the word about breast density. In this case, knowledge may be more than power; it could be survival!

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