Digital X-Ray and Four-Wheelers - Cover

Digital X-Ray and Four-Wheelers

Digital x-ray performance continues to improve with advances in technology.

Living in Utah, I have been fortunate to experience a variety of outdoor adventures in beautiful places. One of my favorite trips each year is to the canyons of Moab for a four-wheeling adventure with family and friends. On our most recent trip, things couldn’t have been more amazing until the unthinkable happened and one of our good friends rolled his four-wheeler. He had to be life-flighted out of the canyon with multiple lacerations and with fractures to bones in his head and jaw. It was a very traumatic experience, and we didn’t know whether he would survive. Fortunately, the x-rays showed that the breaks in his jaw and head were very clean, and we received word that he should make a full recovery.

I have thought about this accident many times since it happened and about how modern technology is the reason he survived. It is amazing to see the advances in x-ray equipment—from the old film days to CR to DR and now to wireless DR. On top of that, the dose rate is also lower than ever before with crystal-clear images. In a recent Digital X-Ray Performance 2013 report, more than 200 providers shared their experiences regarding wireless DR x-ray solutions—specifically around image quality, reliability, service and support, workflow, and other important factors.   

While providers are largely satisfied with the benefits they are receiving from wireless-detector technology, there is an opportunity for vendors to make an impact with dose. Awareness about low dose and pressure for it to be used continue to grow, and there currently is not a leader in this area. Overall, however, Carestream stands out as a leader due to their equipment’s intuitive user interface, image quality, and reliability. Philips and Shimadzu also stand out as key players, while GE is not perceived as well among providers due to challenges with reliability.  

Providers love the ease of moving the detectors around and the option of swapping them from room to room or room to mobile and say that it has helped improve workflow. With the technology, usability, and quality that are available today, digital x-ray is really making a difference and saving people’s lives, just like my friend’s.

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