Emerging HCIT Companies: Midyear Update - Cover

Emerging HCIT Companies: Midyear Update

People approach KLAS all the time to ask us whether we have heard anything about new or up-and-coming vendors. We often don't know much about those vendors, so we set out to change that.

The Update

Our goal with the midyear update for the Emerging HCIT Companies report was to share a list of the companies that are popping up on the healthcare radar and to quantify which market segments they play in.

Our other Emerging HCIT Companies reports were more vendor focused, but in this update, we display which areas are getting a lot of buzz. We also show a list of the emerging vendors and segments that have been most often searched for on the KLAS website.

Regarding the midyear update, I was surprised to not see a lot of repeat vendors. Only three vendors got more than one mention since the Emerging HCIT Companies 2019 report. Also, revenue cycle management/HIM was more noticeable than it has been. And as expected, there is a lot going on with AI, patient engagement, and population health.


When a specific company gets mentioned multiple times, we may decide to do a spotlight on them. For example, just a few months ago, we published a spotlight report on SailPoint, and we have a few more spotlights in the works. These reports are quick hitters that use data from a handful of early customers, the goal being to figure out at a high level what the company is doing well and what can be improved. 

Stay Tuned

We are continuing to watch these emerging areas and companies. We will be publishing more updates in the future and using the data to launch other products.