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How to Use the Best in KLAS® Report as a Healthcare Provider

Publishing the Best in KLAS® report each year is a big milestone for the KLAS team. It is also a time when we know we owe a huge thank-you to all the participating healthcare professionals who gave us feedback. So thank you! It takes all of your voices to make this Best in KLAS effort as successful as it is.

Though there are updates and changes with healthcare IT companies throughout the year, when Best in KLAS is published, the winning solutions and services in it are fully rated for that time. This is the most comprehensive report KLAS puts out into the industry, and it is a trusted resource healthcare providers can and do use for the entire year ahead.

Given the large amount of insight shared in Best in KLAS, how can healthcare providers maximize their use of the resource? There are several ways that come to mind.

Top Ways to Use the Report

1. As a starting point for the technology selection process

As we speak with healthcare providers, we hear that one of the top ways the Best in KLAS report is useful for them is as a place to start their decision-making process in their technology strategy. When you need to do any due diligence work, it can be very time consuming to do it all on your own. The Best in KLAS report showcases the top vendors in each market segment based on a year’s worth of data and is a good place to start.

2. As a ready reference check for technology or services being considered

The report can also be used when you need to do a reference check. When you have a list of companies you’re looking at, a good next step is to peruse Best in KLAS to see how the companies score in their categories. Then you can go beyond Best in KLAS and look at the linked real-time data or decision insights we have on those vendors on the KLAS website. I’ll just put in a quick plug for the website here; when you go to the real-time data, there is also a useful “Compare” button that allows you to see side by side the performance of vendors you’re looking at and to check on their track records.

3. As an index of high-performing technology products and services

The Best in KLAS report is also comprehensive and can be used as an easy reference point for solutions and services across the industry. We segment the report to make it easy to find the categories and vendors you’re looking for. For example, if you quickly need a list of services vendors that could help you implement your ERP but you’re also curious about the vendors in imaging, you can easily find both by looking at their respective categories.

Use the Report With Your Vendors

One of the most interesting aspects of the Best in KLAS awards is that they help motivate vendors to continually improve and become better partners. Because you are paying attention to the Best in KLAS report, they are too. We often hear from vendors that their provider customers are asking about their KLAS standings and where they are in Best in KLAS. Many of the vendors tell us they make being a Best in KLAS winner part of their company goals.

A Note on Global Software

For those of you who live outside of the US, we are also proud to produce the 2024 Best in KLAS Awards – Global Software report that publishes at the same time as our other Best in KLAS report. All of the ways you can use the Best in KLAS report also apply to the global report on a somewhat smaller scale. Globally, we give regional awards in acute care EHR, digital pathology, PACS, shared care records/HIE, and virtual conferencing platforms categories. We are excited to see how the global report will continue to grow as we collect even more feedback internationally.

I invite you to jump in and enjoy this report created for you and, in essence, by you. Thank you again for playing such a critical role in this important effort!

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