Is InterSystems a Poor Man's Epic? - Cover

Is InterSystems a Poor Man's Epic?

KLAS recently published our second report focused on EMR market share outside of the United States, which does not necessarily mirror market share in the United States. If you were asked to guess who had the most momentum based on recent sales activity in the United States, you might say Cerner or Epic. Those wouldn’t be bad guesses—both vendors are in the top five globally, but neither is number one or number two. So who is number one, you ask? InterSystems. That’s right. The same Massachusetts-based company that offers Caché and Ensemble had more contracts and added more net new hospitals outside the United States in 2012 and 2013 than any other vendor.

Global EMR Market Share Validated Wins by Vendor

But who is InterSystems and why is their EMR being so rapidly adopted? What do they offer that is so compelling to providers? It comes down to two things—cost and functionality. One CIO I interviewed for the report described InterSystems to me as a “poor man’s Epic.” What he meant is that InterSystems is a relatively affordable, fairly comprehensive solution that meets most of providers’ needs. Many of the other providers we interviewed for this report offered similar sentiments.

Should you consider InterSystems for your facility? That all depends. Next week, in part two of this blog, my colleague Chris Brown will weigh the pros and cons of InterSystems’ performance around the world.

In the meanwhile, if you are a provider and would like complimentary access to our research, email me (, and I’ll set you up with a KLAS account with free access to these reports.

Additionally, KLAS will publish three other global EMR–focused reports as follow-ups to our most recent global market share report. The first will be an early look at InterSystem’s performance globally. The second will highlight EMR mindshare among providers selecting an EMR in the near future. The third will be an early look at how these EMR vendors perform around the globe. If you would like access to these reports, let me know.