KPMG and Veradigm are 2023’s Most Improved Vendors - Cover

KPMG and Veradigm are 2023’s Most Improved Vendors

When you read the Best in KLAS report, you’ll notice a special section focusing on the most improved vendors. These are vendors whose customer satisfaction scores have made a significant improvement over the past year. The most improved recognition is something of a KLAS tradition; it began in 2002 when it was included in the Top 20 report.

Today, of course, the Top 20 report has evolved into the Best in KLAS report, but the recognition of some of the most improved services and software has remained. In the Best in KLAS 2023 report, we are excited to highlight two vendors: KPMG for most improved service and Veradigm for most improved software product.

In many ways, the most improved vendors demonstrate the reasons KLAS publishes a Best in KLAS report in the first place. At KLAS, we have a passion for helping vendors become better. We sincerely believe that any vendor can improve as they listen to customer feedback and act on it. The companies recognized as most improved are in fact making strides in their customer relationships and improving their offerings to make the customer experience better.

Most Improved Service: KPMG

KPMG increased their client satisfaction score for their ERP Business Transformation & Implementation Leadership services by an impressive 25% since the 2022 Best in KLAS report.

Consistency is key to KPMG’s success; the firm accomplished improved scores thanks to their clients’ satisfaction scores becoming more consistent across their recent engagements. Notably, their consultant expertise is also more highly rated than it has been in the past. Current clients told KLAS that KPMG’s resources provided both strategic guidance and deep experience that helped them with challenges that arose during their implementation.

Watch KPMG’s response to this achievement or read their press release about it here. You can read more in-depth client comments on KPMG’s KLAS page.

Most Improved Software Product: Veradigm FollowMyHealth (formerly Allscripts)

Customer satisfaction with Veradigm’s FollowMyHealth system, a mobile first patient engagement platform, has improved almost 16% from 2022’s ratings.

According to KLAS data from the past year, Veradigm made several improvements to their software that made a positive difference in many of their customers’ experiences. Specifically, several reviewers told KLAS that Veradigm’s addition of automated post-visit summaries has improved their efficiency.

At the time of the Best in KLAS report publication, Veradigm published a press release talking about their achievement that you can read here. You can also learn more about Veradigm and see customer comments about FollowMyHealth on Veradigm’s KLAS page.


Both KPMG’s and Veradigm’s success shows that it is possible for vendors to continue to improve their offerings. Working in partnership with customers, healthcare IT vendors can make a big difference for clinicians, payers, and, by extension, the patients they serve. Our hats are off to both these vendors, and we encourage them to keep going. The future is bright as vendors keep listening to their customers.  

We look forward to celebrating with these vendors at the Best in KLAS Award Show on April 17!

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