Medial EarlySign eTech Spotlight - Cover

Medial EarlySign eTech Spotlight

Healthcare providers have literally input mountains’ worth of data into electronic medical records. That’s a lot of data, but what are we going to do with it? Armed with this vast collection of data, population health technologies are exploding; everything from analytics and visualization tools to artificial intelligence is growing at an unprecedented rate.

That is where companies like Medial EarlySign come in. Founded in Israel in 2013, EarlySign has focused a lot of energy in the US market over the last three years. EarlySign looks at this large population of data and uses AI to help identify factors to predict certain diseases and conditions, mainly diabetes, hypertension, and anxiety to better help physicians, care teams, and population health managers. With these predictive models, healthcare providers can ideally help individuals before the issues become acute scenarios.

Our Medial EarlySign eTech Spotlight report dives into the early customer feedback that we’ve received on their performance.

Not a Buzzword

At some point, artificial intelligence will be normalized since we'll all be using it. The question is whether there are any use cases today where people can say that AI really works and provides strong outcomes.

EarlySign focuses on the machine learning aspect of AI. Machine learning is essentially a tool for structuring data so you can look at that data in computer systems algorithms and statistical models. The algorithms and models will then determine if you can rely on that data to see reliable outcomes, such as the likelihood of someone developing diabetes.

What’s exciting about EarlySign is that they are a real use case where their AI solution really works and is not just a buzzword that people throw around. EarlySign shows demonstrable outcomes in their diabetes, hypertension, and stress level AI prediction models. They have real test cases and some concrete examples of how AI is improving healthcare.

True Partners

Based on our research, one of the things that EarlySign does well is their personal touch. Customers say that, aside from really having a good tool, EarlySign also has the ability to connect with them on an individual level. Customers also say that the EarlySign staff is very knowledgeable about healthcare and has a genuine desire to improve outcomes for them. Customers feel they have a true partnership with EarlySign, and it is critical in these emerging areas to have somebody right there to help you.

In another notable area from our report, EarlySign has an A in the “how valuable has your vendor's contribution been at helping you achieve the desired outcome” category. That is to say that EarlySign has helped their healthcare provider clients to get a thumbs up. Getting an A in this category implies that you got outcomes and that EarlySign is very good at helping you get to those outcomes.

Still to Come

We did hear back that EarlySign has a couple of areas where they can improve. One challenge that clients face is that the integration takes a lot of time. Now more than ever, CIOs are really big on integration, but it’s a matter of setting different expectations. That will take some time and work to get there. The good news is that everybody says they can get there. EarlySign programs take some clinician time during the implementation. You need people with boots on the ground that are really using the software to help with that.

The ROI is another piece that customers are cautiously optimistic will come in time. For the ROI, EarlySign just needs more data, and they are collecting that data as quickly as possible. When you look at things like reducing stress or anxiety, it's going to take more data to show that you don’t have readmissions and that you solve problems before they become acute scenarios.

However, a point for optimism is that 100% of customers said that they would buy EarlySign’s services again. Customers are sure that they can get real outcomes, but when it comes to new technology, it just takes time. There is good cause to believe that EarlySign will get there because all of the customers that we’ve spoken to about EarlySign were either satisfied or highly satisfied with their performance.

Find out more about what real customers are saying about EarlySign in our full report.

     Photo Credit: Adobe Stock, pixtumz88