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Radiology Dose Monitoring: A Market At the Tipping Point

I still remember hyperventilating in my compact car at a stoplight after my wife’s ultrasound. I had just found out my wife and I were spontaneously having triplet girls.  I was in shock, but knew I would do anything to protect them. My first opportunity to act as a protective father happened minutes after they were born. The nurses in the NICU intended to x-ray my three girls until I vocalized my concerns about the amount of radiation my minutes-old girls would receive. Those nurses would later tell me they found it strange that I would be so concerned about dose, but I’m not the only one thinking about the long term impacts of radiation dose.


Recent legislation and JCAHO rulings are now requiring organizations to track and report dose. KLAS spoke with over 100 organizations and 83 of them were actively making plans to purchase a dose monitoring solution. Most of the respondents said they were looking to purchase their solution in less than a year.

Just How Many Vendors Are There?

Providers named 23 vendors that were being considered for dose monitoring but only fourteen of those vendors had an actual dose monitoring solution as of this blog. Among the fourteen vendors are well-known PACS companies as well as some newer companies offering standalone dose monitoring solutions.

In the report, we identify which vendors are providers’ top choice for dose monitoring, which vendors are considered, and which vendors providers are purchasing. We also share the main reasons vendors were considered by providers.

Leveraging Dose Monitoring

When KLAS began the dose monitoring study, providers asked that we find out what else organizations plan on doing with the dose monitoring data they’ve collected outside of meeting regulatory compliance. Providers identified a number of ways that they plan on getting additional value from their solution.

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Radiology Dose Monitoring Solutions 2014: Provider Strategies in an Evolving Market 

The report will cover what providers need to know:

·         The dose monitoring solutions other organizations are looking at

·         Why some vendors are/aren’t being looked at

·         What modalities will be measured

·         What providers plan to do with the dose information to gain more value