Top 20 KLAS Reports in 2018: Part 1 of 4 - Cover

Top 20 KLAS Reports in 2018: Part 1 of 4

Each year, KLAS publishes more than 50 reports, providing insights across a wide swath of the Healthcare IT market. While each of these has an audience, there are some that gain more traction than others. We’ve gone back through the last year and these are the first 5 of the 20 most-viewed reports that KLAS has put into the market in 2018.


20. Nurse and Staff Scheduling

Authored by: Tanya Egbert

Purpose: Identify which nurse and physician staffing solutions help providers efficiently schedule in order to save time, reduce overstaffing and lower overtime costs. This report also differentiates vendors based on mobile applications, predictive scheduling and acuity-based scheduling.


19. Apple Health Records

Authored by: Adam Cherrington and Colin Buckley

Purpose: Following Apple’s Jan 2018 announcement of their health records app, KLAS spoke with all of the announced beta sites of their partnership to determine what, if any, outcomes were expected from these providers.


18. Behavioral Health

Authored by: Tyson Blauer

Purpose: A first of its kind, KLAS explores the world of EMRs outside meaningful use incentives – behavioral health. Found to be one of the lowest-performing market segments KLAS tracks, this report examines what drives dissatisfaction, and helps providers know what the best next steps are.


17. Clinical Documentation Improvement

Authored by: Daniel Zeitner and Paul Warburton

Purpose: Providers using CDI tools are looking for partners with proven tools/methods to bolster clinical and financial outcomes. This report evaluates the performance of the various software vendors who participate in this space.


16. Decision Insights: Population Health

Authored by: Doug Tolley and Sam Eaquinto

Purpose: Decision Insights reports are based on win/loss data collected by KLAS. This report helps providers learn which Population Health Management vendors meet “A-List” criteria. Do these vendors:

  • Have people buying?
  • Do they have customer retention?
  • Are their customers satisfied?