Top 20 KLAS Reports in 2018: Part 4 of 4 - Cover

Top 20 KLAS Reports in 2018: Part 4 of 4

Part four of the KLAS top 20 reports.

Every year, KLAS publishes more than 50 reports, providing insights across a wide swath of the Healthcare IT market. While each of these has an audience, there are some that gain more traction than others. We’ve gone back through the last year and collected all the highest-viewed reports from 2018.


5. Global EMR Marketshare

Authored by: Eder Lagemann and Jon Christensen

Purpose: This international KLAS report asks the questions: Who are provider organizations choosing worldwide? Which vendors have sustained global momentum over the past 5 years? Which vendors are most relevant regionally?


4. Population Health Management: Part Two

Authored by: Bradley Hunter and Colin Buckley

Purpose: The second in a two-part report, this look into population health seeks to identify vendor performance both in specific areas and broadly across the population health market.


3. Healthcare Management Consulting

Authored by: Warren Whitford and Lois Krotz

Purpose: This perception report is designed to identify management consulting firms who can help meet provider needs not only now, but in the future as well. This report also uncovers the emerging needs of providers and what attributes they value most in a consulting partner.


2. US EMR Market Share

Authored by: Erik Bermudez and Paul Warburton

Purpose: By far the most popular traditional report KLAS publishes annually, the EMR Market Share report looks to identify where buying energy is within the US EMR market, and which vendors are delivering to their provider customers.


1. Best in KLAS

Purpose: Perhaps the most well-known report from KLAS, this annual compilation of research parses out dozens of software and services market segments to identify which vendors and consulting firms perform best for their customer base.