Top 20 KLAS Reports in 2018: Part 2 of 4 - Cover

Top 20 KLAS Reports in 2018: Part 2 of 4

Part two of the KLAS top 20 reports.

Every year, KLAS publishes more than 50 reports, providing insights across a wide swath of the Healthcare IT market. While each of these has an audience, there are some that gain more traction than others. We’ve gone back through the last year and collected all the highest-viewed reports from 2018.


15. PACS

Authored by: Monique Rasband

Purpose: PACS is currently a high-energy space in terms of buying decisions. This most recent KLAS PACS report seeks to help providers navigate the market wherever they land in the buying process.


14. Decision Insights: Secure Communication

Authored by: Doug Tolley

Purpose: Decision Insights reports are based on purchasing data from providers in the buying process. This report examines which vendors have high consideration, what factors drive decision making, and how current customers rate vendor performance.


13. Patient Engagement White paper

Authored by: 2018 Keystone Summit Attendees

Purpose: At the 2018 Keystone Summit provider, vendor and payer attendees met to further define the framework for successful patient engagement. This whitepaper is the result of their two-day efforts to come to consensus on the future path of patient engagement.


12. Smart Pumps

Authored by: Jackson Tate and Paul Warburton

Purpose: Due to increased pressure to reduce medication administration costs and drive efficiency, providers need smart pump vendors who can partner with them strategically. This report aims to discover which vendors deliver best to providers in several key areas.


11. Telehealth: Virtual Care Platforms

Authored by: Bret Sharp

Purpose: While this is a high-performance segment of the market, with most providers scoring their vendor favorably, this report seeks to parse out what factors drive the best successes for provider organizations.