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Jvion's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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COVID-19 Patient Vulnerability List
Data insights to support a shift from a reactive to proactive pandemic response

Assessment of propensity for poor outcomes can assist health systems in planning and deploying resources to optimize the health impact in reducing risk across a vulnerable population in the face of limited resources. Jvion is leveraging its AI capabilities to provide health systems with the opportunity to leverage data insights to support a shift from a reactive to proactive pandemic response.

COVID-19 Patient Vulnerability List is a roster of community members who are most at risk for a severe course of COVID-19 if infected. Those patients should change behaviors to self-isolation practices. The list incorporates both clinical and socioeconomic data and provides an opportunity to engage with automated patient engagement solutions

How Will the Insights Be Delivered?

  • Initially, a list of high-risk patients for severe outcomes with COVID-19 will be delivered either by Jvion’s portal or via a flat file.
  • The number of patients and filter parameters for the list can be determined by the customer preference.

What Client Data Is Utilized?

  • Claims data consistent with minimum requirements for avoidable admissions, avoidable ED visits, and all-cause readmissions vectors will be used.

How Is the List Maintained?

  • The list will mature over time, reflecting the AI learnings from the Jvion machine. It will be updated and distributed to our customers on a regular basis.

What Is the Timeline for Delivery?

  • The first lists for early adopters were delivered on March 20.
  • Subsequent delivery will occur for a second wave of adopters and rolled out across the broader base as available.

How Does the Solution Work?

  • Jvion will provide patient-level insight based on a variety of risk factors that could potentially lead to COVID-19 morbidity and mortality. This level of granularity enables the healthcare organization to take specific actions (e.g., calling patients with a specific message regarding preventive-action recommendations).
  • The insights are based on the data contained in the Jvion machine, including roughly 30 million patient records and thousands of related data points, to reduce bias in the list when generated.
  • We are using a parallel target of poor outcomes from influenza viral infections to estimate risk. The Jvion machine will learn more as more cases of COVID-19 are identified and tracked.

Is There a Cost for the List?

  • The list is available to existing customers at no cost. New customer pricing is available upon request.

What Are the Anticipated Benefits?

  • Proactive approach to reducing viral spread among vulnerable populations.
  • Reduced inpatient utilization by the most at-risk populations with targeted prevention and early intervention.
  • Allocation of resources to those patients with most severe cases of illness.

Will There Be Publicly Available Tools?

  • Yes. Jvion is developing a community vulnerability map to complement the risk lists for those who cannot yet gain actionable, individual-level insights.

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