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Vecna's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Vecna Mobile App

Pre-registration, check-in, COVID-19 screening from patients phone

Touchless Mobile App: Protect Staff from COVID-19 Exposure

Put patient self check-in safely in the palm of your patient’s hands with Vecna’s mobile app. Patients can conveniently manage and check-in for their appointments as well as complete COVID-19 screening questionnaires anytime, anywhere using their mobile device. There is no need for contact with onsite equipment or for costly hardware investments as patients leverage their mobile device’s existing tools such as facial recognition, biometrics, mobile wallet, notifications and navigation. Patients can not only pre-register, but also easily update demographics and insurance, make payments and receive cost estimates for their care. Staff is free to focus on patient care as mobile check-in eliminates bottlenecks during the registration process. Proven integration with EMRs including Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts and more.

Vecna Digital Clipboard

Triage COVID-19 with Vecna Digital Clipboard with streamline triage, patient flow, and patient tracking

Triage COVID-19 with Vecna Digital Clipboard

Streamline Triage, Patient Flow and Patient Tracking with Vecna’s Digital Clipboard. As the COVID-19 crisis continues to overburden healthcare facilities, streamlining patient intake is more critical than ever.  As patient demand escalates, we understand the need for a rapidly deployable, user friendly solution. Vecna’s Digital Clipboard can be deployed immediately with the pre-loaded COVID-19 questionnaire for patient screening and alerts, with or without integration to backend system. The survey is configured to identify which patients are seeking coronavirus screening as well as to ask a series of questions identifying level of infection risk. If any answers are affirmative a notification will appear as an alert. In addition to clinical intake and triage through the integrated COVID-19 questionnaire, the Vecna Digital Clipboard also records and allows updates for demographics, insurance eligibility and estimates as well as making payments. Digital Clipboard also enables quick and efficient digital signature capture. Vecna Digital Clipboard streamlines patient flow prioritization and provides wait time estimation as well as clinical throughput reporting and administrative alerts.

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