World Heart Day: A Look At Cardiovascular IT - Cover

World Heart Day: A Look At Cardiovascular IT

According to the CDC, heart disease still reigns supreme as the leading cause of death for the United States. Cardiovascular diseases cost $863 billion (USD) worldwide annually, so heart disease is as expensive as it is deadly. Hopefully as CVIS technology advances, the ability to provide better patient outcomes will also increase.

Today on World Heart Day, KLAS is happy to announce that we're already hard at work on another cardiovascular report. This upcoming release will center around structured reporting. We plan to zero in on the adoption rates for structured reporting and what providers see for the future of the cardiology landscape in general.

The CVIS market has traditionally been extremely diverse, with most providers using multiple vendors to satisfy their cardiology IT needs. However as the rest of the healthcare world moves toward integrated solutions, CVIS is no different. In fact, this is something KLAS has looked at before.

In our Cardiology 2015 report, one provider mentioned, I wish that more things would flow between our hemodynamics system and the CVIS. Sometimes we have to enter information twice. Similar sentiments regarding integration are spread throughout the 2015 report, and we do not anticipate that changing anytime soon.

world heart day 2015 cardiology structured reporting strength and adoption

*Data from the Cardiology 2015 Report on structured reporting - to be updated in an upcoming KLAS report

On World Heart Day, it's important to remember that cardiovascular health has global implications. As long as cardiovascular health continues to incur astronomical healthcare costs, KLAS will continue to shine a light on the vendor solutions that best help providers and, ultimately, patients.