Reduce friction between payers and providers

Payer/Provider Initiative

Payer Provider Initiative

Improve healthcare by measuring and reporting on successful payer/provider collaborations.


Our goal is to reduce friction and waste by facilitating trust, collaboration, and alignment between payers, providers, and HIT vendors.


What Is the Payer/Provider Initiative?

An estimated $250 billion is wasted annually in avoidable healthcare administrative costs. At the heart of KLAS’ Payer/Provider Initiative is a desire for payer and provider success that reduces this waste and leads to an improved patient experience.
Though many payer and provider organizations are resigned to a lengthy process of managing authorizations, denials, and claims adjudication, both dream of a world where value-based care puts payers and providers on the same page. The initiative can help turn this dream into a reality.
How do we plan to accomplish this?
The initiative is threefold:
Payer & Provider
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Provider organizations are invited to anonymously measure each of the top commercial payers their organization uses.
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Points of light
Reports & Awards
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The annual Points of Light report and awards highlight successful efforts and partnerships between payers, provider organizations, and vendors.
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Annual Payer/Provider
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KLAS will hold an annual payer/provider summit to gather an exclusive group of healthcare leaders to find proven solutions that reduce friction.
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Help shape the Payer/Provider industry.
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Payer & Provider MEASUREMENT
Creating Visibility and Transparency

Provider organizations are invited to anonymously complete measurements for each of the top commercial payers their organization uses. KLAS will collect, aggregate, and analyze the data and then report the results back to the industry. The goal of these measurements is to:
  • Capture payer and provider ratings that will be turned into benchmarks and insights
  • Present metrics, ratings, benchmarks, and insights online, down to the regional level (where available)
Metrics Collected
  • Average days to payment
  • Underpayment rate
  • Denial rate 
  • Percent A/R over 90 days
  • Net collection ratio (yield)
How Measurement Works
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Provider organizations submit a standard set of performance metrics annually.
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KLAS follows up with an in-depth interview to understand the story behind the numbers.
step 3 step 3
KLAS shares the results and actionable insights with the industry to accelerate knowledge and transparency.
Points-of-Light REPORTS & AWARDS
Points of Light
The Points of Light reports will highlight successful efforts and partnerships between payers, provider organizations, and vendors to reduce cost and inefficiency.  These success stories, or “points of light” will be combined into an annual compendium and shared with the market to illustrate the art of the possible.  KLAS will confirm a project’s process and outcomes through individual phone interviews with all appropriate parties and participants.

During the annual payer/provider summit, KLAS will present recognition awards to payers, provider organizations, and vendors whose efforts have led to needed improvement.
Points of Light Case Studies View All
Whether you are a Provider, Vendor, or Payer, we’d love to hear how your organization has successfully reduced payer/provider friction.
Annual Payer/Provider SUMMIT
Collaborate with Passionate Leaders

KLAS will be holding an annual Payer/Provider Summit to meet with an exclusive group of passionate healthcare leaders and stakeholders to find real, lasting solutions that reduce both administrative waste and payer provider churn.
During the Summit, we will:
  • Put elbows on the table with an exclusive group of influential thought leaders to collaborate and determine how the industry should align incentives.
  • Create and standardize performance measurements that KLAS will capture, benchmark, and report back to the industry.
  • Highlight provider, payer, and HIT vendor collaborations that have led to real outcomes. 
View the outcomes of the 2019 Payer/Provider Summit in this white paper.
Register for the 2022 Payer/Provider Summit
May 24-25
Salt Lake City, Utah
Registration is free for participants from provider and payer organizations.
About the 2022 Payer/Provider Summit
  • This is an in-person event only. No virtual option will be offered at this time. 
  • The event will kick off at 3:00 PM MT on May 24 and close at 3:00 PM MT on May 25.
  • Seats are still open for provider and payer organizations.
  • Registration includes lodging and meals during the conference.
  • Airfare and ground transportation are not included.
Salt Lake City
Participation Brings Value

We know the journey to reduce costs and inefficiencies will be a lengthy one. We believe participation in the Payer/Provider Initiative will help your organization more quickly achieve results.
checkbox Gain knowledge of how your peers have reduced friction and waste through innovation and partnership.
checkbox Showcase how you and your organization have created innovative solutions to improve processes and efficiency.
checkbox Gain insights from benchmarking metrics to find actionable steps to improve processes and efficiency in your organization.
checkbox Help shape and improve the industry by exchanging views, ideas, and solutions with other thought leaders and industry experts at the annual summit.
Be part of the solution.