#IUseKLASBecause - Miguel A. Vigo IV - Cover

#IUseKLASBecause - Miguel A. Vigo IV

Recently, Edward-Elmhurst Health rolled out our new price estimation tool. This change is providing extremely accurate and timely price estimations and price transparency to our patients for all payers and for all hospital services.  In addition, we have been met with a high volume of compliments from patients who have been actively seeking hospital service pricing information.  Since we have launched this project and initiative, we have also tripled our POS collection numbers on the front end and are looking to significantly reduce our billing follow up work, accounts going to bad debt, and overall, creating a one stop shop for all our patient’s needs.

As Edward-Elmhurst Health began to fully embark on the price estimation and price transparency journey, we wanted to incorporate any and all information that already existed so that we had a good feel on our approach into this area of interest.

Incorporating Research Insights

As we considered the initial information we found and started evaluating the different approaches surrounding price transparency and price estimation, I decided to reach out to KLAS to see what they have been hearing, seeing and discussing, with my provider peers. 

After working with KLAS directly and reading through their materials on price transparency and price estimations, I have been able to incorporate their feedback, findings, and considerations into our model and approach.

Since obtaining this extremely valuable information, I have been able to include these findings and results into our training materials, integrate their findings into our testing plan, and have included them in our follow up conversations.

The Best Possible Patient Experience

Edward-Elmhurst Health wants to provide the best possible patient experience from the very  first interaction with our physicians during an in-office visit, earlier during scheduling all the way through to the account being resolved.  Our work with KLAS has allowed us to tackle this very difficult topic of pricing and allowed us to succeed and surpass our previous results.  It has been great to work with KLAS to voice our patients’ needs and desires. It has been invaluable to have appropriate, accurate, and timely information provided to us so that we can adjust and stay nimble in our approach to keeping our patients first and making sure our patients’ experience comes first and foremost in everything we do at Edward-Elmhurst Health.