#IUseKLASBecause - Spencer Erman - Cover

#IUseKLASBecause - Spencer Erman

I have been involved with clinical informatics for around 10 years. Prior to this, I was an EHR end-user, then super-user, then physician champion. As I have come to learn, there are a myriad of things out there that may be used in the clinical informatics arena; hardware, software, peripherals, apps, consultants, and many other tools.

When I was an end-user and super-user, it was easy. I was provided with all the tools I needed. My practice provided the computers, printers, microphones, networks, trainers, and the EHR software. All I had to do was learn to use it.

As I progressed up the food chain of clinical informatics, I was asked to give my opinion about new technology. I was making recommendations about major purchases and contracts. Sure, I had the ability to test, trial, pilot, interview and play with the new technology. But I was always looking to find out more about what I was evaluating. 

Finding an Unbiased Source

A co-worker mentioned KLAS. I found the website, looked around, signed up to give my opinions, and I was welcomed into the world of educated evaluations and opinions. I could obtain reports, ratings, and user comments on just about any tool I was evaluating. When we were looking for a voice transcription vendor, I reviewed the KLAS evaluations on the options we were considering. 

When it came time to re-evaluate our EHR, I looked to KLAS for ratings, rankings, and comments from other users. Having this unbiased source has been of great value in my role as CMIO.

KLAS rankings are a valued and respected commodity in the Clinical Informatics and IT worlds.

Spencer Erman, MD
Hartford Hospital