#IUseKLASBecause - Rachel Dunscombe - Cover

#IUseKLASBecause - Rachel Dunscombe

Here in the UK, we used to have a magazine called Which? It was a consumer guide that came out monthly with features on everything from washing machines to cars. I secretly loved Which? and as a kid used to read it, looking at the scores and narratives around products.

My parents used to use it when choosing a new car, vacuum, or fridge. The magazine was an early pioneer of the infographic—it was easily digestible information that informed the consumer.

Being the Intelligent CIO Customer

Fast forward a good twenty-odd years, and I am working in the healthcare space as a CIO. I want to be the most intelligent client for my organization that I can be. Naturally, I seek out information from many sources about the marketplace, the products, and the direction of healthcare technology.

When I was introduced to KLAS and their reports, a little bit of nostalgia crept in. Engaging with KLAS feels just like reading those consumer guides we had as a kid; the KLAS data tells me what I need to know in a concise, intelligent way. From day one I was bought in, browsing reports for rankings, narratives, and new players to explore.

Know What to Ask

The KLAS reports have done a huge amount for me. Before procurements, I use the reports to orient myself in a specific domain. Who are the players in, for example, the VNA space this year? How do they rank? Is there someone I’ve not come across in the marketplace that I need to talk to?

All these things help me to decide how a procurement should be structured. The narrative in reports is also very important when we come to procurement. Reading a report can help us structure dialogue with vendors or ask more insightful procurement questions. Asking vendors about their KLAS ranking is also a great way to start a debate.

In summary, KLAS gives me a big helping hand in being an informed CIO and helps me build up the picture to make the right decisions. They help me to know which questions to ask and give me a market landscape picture.

Just like reading Which?, I secretly enjoy reading the KLAS reports and digesting their information. Thanks, KLAS, for making me a better customer of digital healthcare services.

Rachel Dunscombe
CIO, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust