#IUseKLASBecause - Mary Alice Annecharico - Cover

#IUseKLASBecause - Mary Alice Annecharico

It is important for me to know what my industry peers are saying about their experiences. Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) needs to know what the values and critiques are of vendor products, professional resources, and services—especially as we plan for capital and operating investments that will support our organization’s strategic needs.

Timely Information

I use KLAS because of their objectivity and veracity in comparing industry vendors, services, and support. Their dedication gives me confidence that we are getting timely information in audience-appropriate, well-developed, and smartly formatted reports.

For example, I believe that Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) was highly influenced by the KLAS reports in our recent EMR decision as we made plans to migrate away from a 25-year homegrown legacy strategy.

KLAS’ talented research and administrative teams probe the industry and user communities to provide the most current and relevant comparative feedback on the products and services that matter most to our organization.

KLAS provides an objective pathway for decision making that makes sense to our communities of users and decision makers.

Addressing Challenges Openly

I have had the privilege to serve as a member of the KLAS Advisory Board for the past 2 years and have grown to appreciate even more the professional spirit of KLAS’ leaders and the enthusiastic comradery of its young staff as they openly address the challenges ahead of us.

Boldly, they’ve brought vendors and providers together to facilitate conversations that serve to expedite solutions to the most wicked problems in healthcare, like interoperability and comprehensive population health. They identify topics on which the vendors often are stuck in the streamlining of solutions.

Mary Alice Annecharico, MS, RN
Sr. Vice President and CIO
Henry Ford Health System