KLAS Reports Published in February 2023 - Cover

KLAS Reports Published in February 2023

February is always a busy month for KLAS because we publish our Best in KLAS report, and 2023 was no exception. In addition to our flagship report, KLAS published four reports sharing important insights for healthcare professionals and vendors in each market segment.

Healthcare IT Market Reports

1. 2023 Best in KLAS Awards – Software and Services and 2023 Best in KLAS Awards – Global Software

Discover the current top-performing healthcare technology vendors with the 2023 Best in KLAS Awards Software and Services report from KLAS Research. Both reports highlight the vendors that have demonstrated outstanding performances based on customer feedback and industry standards. The reports cover a wide range of software and services categories, including electronic health records, population health, cybersecurity, and more. Use these reports to make informed decisions on which vendors to potentially partner with to achieve your organization's goals.

2. IT Advisory Services 2023

The IT Advisory Services 2023 report from KLAS Research is a comprehensive analysis of the services offered by various IT advisory firms and how consistently they perform. The report provides healthcare organizations with valuable insights into which IT advisory firms are best suited to meet their needs and help them achieve their goals. It covers a wide range of topics, including consulting services, IT strategy and planning, implementation, and ongoing support. Whether you're a healthcare IT leader looking to partner with an IT advisory firm or an IT consultant interested in benchmarking your firm's performance against your peers’ performances, the IT Advisory Services 2023 report is an essential resource.

3. ERP 2023: An Update on Cloud Vendor’s Performance

This report provides an update on the performance of cloud vendors that offer ERP solutions, giving readers an in-depth look at the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor. The report covers a wide range of topics, including vendor market share, product quality, implementation and training, and ongoing support. Take a look at this report if you're considering implementing an ERP system or looking to switch vendors.

4. Long-Term Care EMR 2023

The Long-Term Care EMR 2023 report from KLAS Research is a great resource for healthcare leaders who want to ensure that they are choosing the right EMR vendor for their long-term care facility. Get detailed evaluations of each vendor's product functionality, quality, ease of use, and customer support and make informed decisions about your EMR strategy.

5. Independent Ambulatory Patient Portals 2023

This report provides an in-depth analysis of the leading independent ambulatory patient portal vendors and their solutions. Discover which vendors are empowering patients by offering user-friendly portals with advanced functionalities like secure messaging, appointment scheduling, and prescription renewals. This report also evaluates each vendor's product quality, customer support, and overall value.

February’s Emerging Solutions Spotlights & First Looks

KLAS’ Emerging Solutions research focuses on one specific solution that is new to the market or, in the case of First Look reports, new to KLAS’ review. Each report includes KLAS’ initial insights on customer experience and points to ponder, a company profile, and solution specifications provided by the healthcare IT company or firm.

1. HealthEdge Source

A solution intended to automate steps of the claims process, provide biweekly updates of Medicare pricing guidelines, and offer first-pass pricing and editing.

2. Healthwise Patient Education

A patient education solution that provides organizations with both educational content and the means to engage patients in that content.

3. Clearstep

 AI chat-based solutions that facilitate triage in conjunction with other patient engagement–-focused digital health platforms.

 4. Quicksort Rx

A pharmacy decision support platform that hopes to help reduce pharmacy spending using real-time data analysis.

5. Fresenius Kabi Ivenix Infustion System LVP – First Look

The Ivenix LVP is the newest smart pump on the market.

6. GAVS Technologies Digital Services – First Look

GAVS Technologies provides IT security, IT advisory, technical, and partial IT outsourcing services.

7. Healthjump Interoperability Platform – First Look

A third-party interoperability platform that provides connectivity between EHRs and other reporting systems.

8. NextGen Behavioral Health Suite – First Look

A suite of tools from NextGen Healthcare that aims to help customers integrate behavioral care with physical care.

9. National Medical Billing Services Surgical RCM Services – First Look

NMBS provides outsourced, surgery-focused RCM offerings.

10. PracticeSuite Practice Management – First Look

A practice management solution for ambulatory practices.